I was wrong

iwaswrongRecently I wrote a post about failure, and one of my regular readers, Tina, who blogs at Philosophy and Fiction, liked one of my pithy pieces of advice on how to deal with failure. Continue reading

Irresponsible parenting

18When I was a teenager, the films that my friends and I most wanted to watch were marked with a large, lurid “18” logo. There was no explanation whether this was because of sex, violence or bad language (or all three.) We had to guess from the cover. Nowadays, the situation is more nuanced. Certificates are accompanied by explanatory material, justifying the rating. Continue reading


roadrunnerEverything beeps. The alarm clock beeps. My phone beeps. My car beeps.

The washing machine beeps. The dryer beeps. The microwave oven beeps.

Until I worked out how to change it, the dishwasher used to beep.

Sometimes, in the middle of the night, when we are all asleep, the smoke detector beeps.

The TV beeps. The Playstation beeps. On a bad day even the fridge beeps.

I hate it when they beep. Why won’t they stop?

When I was a child

wheniwasachildI used to play in a den in the lane behind my house. It wasn’t really a den. It was just a space beneath a tree. But I made it my den. Continue reading

Election aftermath

davidcameronDespite many commentators’ predictions of a hung parliament, the outcome of the UK’s general election was a clear majority for David Cameron’s Conservative Party. It seems that on the whole, the people of England and Wales rejected the parties of the left, and embraced the party that promised to help “hard-working families.” Continue reading

Bluebell wood

Our back garden gate leads straight into the forest and at this time of year the bluebells are stunning.


Originally posted on Margarita Morris’s blog. Click link to see more photos.

Election angst

voteThe United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland will elect a new government next week, and the comedian and political activist Russell Brand has urged people not to vote. That’s because, in Brand’s view, all politicians are in office purely for personal gain. However, after listening to a lot of voters being interviewed on the news this past week, it seems to me that it’s actually the electorate that thinks this way, not the politicians. Continue reading