Stormy weather

lightningIn our hallway we have a barometer. It belonged to my grandmother, so it’s a family heirloom, although it’s not at all valuable in a monetary sense. But it does hold sentimental value, as it transports me back to my grandmother’s hallway, and it has a lot of educational value for our family.

Our children love, love, love this barometer! Every day they look at it and report to me what the weather is doing.

I find that our barometer is roughly as accurate as the official weather forecast for predicting the weather for the day ahead. But you need to know how to interpret it.

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Birthday status – 47 and counting

birthdaycakeIt’s my birthday today and I’m having trouble believing that I’m 47. That’s like, old. Nearly.

So I decided to check out some famous actors who were also born in 1968, and see how they’re bearing up. Continue reading

Little people matter more than big ideas

beheadA lot has been written about the recent murder of 12 journalists and cartoonists at the Charlie Hebdo magazine in Paris. It’s a good sign that so much has been said – freedom of expression is alive and well – at least in the West. In many Muslim countries, by contrast, saying what you think can get you flogged or executed. Continue reading

Reasons for optimism

happysadTo kick off 2015, I’ve compiled a list of 10 good facts you probably won’t hear on the news. Continue reading

Talking to myself 2014

facetofaceSteve: So, Steve, this has become something of a New Year tradition, hasn’t it?

Steve: What? Talking to myself?

Steve: Yes. It’s what I do all the time, really.

Steve: Almost like a crazy person.

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Is Christmas over-commercialized?

christmasshoppingYoungest son: Daddy, what’s your favourite TV advert?

Me: I don’t have one. I always skip the adverts.

Youngest son: But you must have a favourite?

Me: No. I never watch them. But what’s your favourite?

Youngest son: It’s a Christmas advert. I don’t know what it’s called.

Me: Why do you like it?

Youngest son: I like the Christmas music, and the snow, and all the Christmassy things.

Me: And what is it advertising?

Youngest son: I think it’s just saying, be nice to each other. It’s advertising caring and sharing and giving presents.

Me: That sounds lovely. Do you think it might be advertising a company?

Youngest son: No, I don’t think so. If it is, I don’t know which one.

By the way, this will be my last blog post before Christmas, so may I take this opportunity to wish all my blog followers a very Happy Christmas!

Is it?

questionmarkToday I have a cold and nobody wants to be in the same room as me, so I’m spending extra time with my blogging friends instead.  Do make sure you have your antivirus software fully up to date before reading any further.

Having nothing much to do on a Sunday afternoon all alone, I started typing “is it” into the Google search box, and as usual, Google offered some helpful suggestions. Most puzzling to me were:

Is it down?


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