Black & white photo challenge #3

Round two of the photo challenge was won by Jim In IA, so let’s move quickly on to round three. Can you guess where this is? And please restrict your comments to speculation about the location, not my personal appearance. It was a very windy day.


Black & white photo challenge #2

So, round one of my photo challenge was won by an AI. Let’s see if human intelligence can do better this time. Here’s the photo. Can you guess where it is?


Black & white photo challenge #1

I had fun with this on Facebook a while ago, and now my blogger friend Doobster has reminded me of it. Here’s the challenge – I will post 5 black and white photos and you have to guess where they are. Leave your guesses in the comments below!


No one expected Russia to come up with this Weapon

evildeathrayI was going to blog about something else this week, but then I received this spam email public service message, and I felt I ought to share this urgent warning with you. You know, before it’s too late. Continue reading

Dogwood down

dogwoodDogwood is a common shrub in the British Isles and we have one in our garden. It looks best in late winter, when its deep purple-red branches stand out vividly against the snow and frost. Continue reading

Opinions, facts and theories

megaphoneWe start out in life without any knowledge, but it’s not long before we start forming simple opinions about the world we find ourselves in. We might call these preferences (I like milk). These probably change over time (I like beer) but they are inherently subjective and cannot be exposed to objective scrutiny (my daddy is better than yours), at least not in a meaningful way (no he isn’t.) We think of these preferences as conscious choices, but we are really just observing what we like and don’t like. Continue reading

A Pessimist’s View on Inspiration – a poem

penYesterday I wrote some advice for an 11 year old friend of my son, who had been unsuccessful applying for entry to a highly competitive school. His mother, Sharon, sent me the following poem, which Robin wrote on hearing that the school had turned him down. I present the poem to you here with his mother’s permission. Robin, I remind you, is 11 years old. Continue reading