Perfect imperfect

surrealboatI’m not a perfectionist. I never finish jobs properly. This is not laziness, but efficient time management. I never complete a task 100% perfectly. I stop at 90%, or sometimes 70%, then move on to the next job. That means I complete more jobs. Does this bother you? It shouldn’t. It’s not necessary to complete jobs perfectly. To prove this, I won’t even bother to finish this … Continue reading

How do wasps get into the house?

waspToday a wasp got into the house. Yesterday, a ladybird. Flies get inside nearly every day. How do they do it? Continue reading

Should books come with a health warning?

dangerofdeathLots of things come with a health warning these days. Cigarette packets tell you very clearly that SMOKING KILLS. Hot beverages warn of the risk of scalding.

Signs positioned outside public toilets warn of the danger of tripping over signs positioned outside public toilets.

“Danger of death” is my personal all-time favourite warning sign.

Continue reading

Evolution and stubbornness

evolutionIt puzzles me that a third of Americans don’t believe in the Theory of Evolution. Why is it controversial? Sure, the Bible says that God created the world in six days, but really?

Of all the theories that science has thrown into the public consciousness, evolution is one of the most obvious and easily understood. Horticulturists and farmers use selective breeding all the time to strengthen their stock, or to select for specific characteristics. It’s not rocket science. Continue reading

Life is a mystery

lifeI’ve lived in this world for what seems like a terribly long time, or sometimes barely any time at all. And I’ve learned a lot, or perhaps almost nothing. Continue reading

Trademark infringement

trademarkWas it only Friday that I launched my series of books based on the computer game Minecraft? How cruel that the very next day I should receive an email from Mojang – the company that makes Minecraft – telling me that I had infringed their trademark and that I must withdraw my books from sale. Continue reading

Luke’s Minecraft Quest

Luke's Minecraft Quest book coverI haven’t been blogging much in recent months. That’s because I’ve been very busy. I’ve been busy mining and crafting in the world of Minecraft, the computer game. What I’ve crafted is a series of books for children based on Minecraft.

I’m officially launching the series today. Yippee! Continue reading