Silly word challenge

sillytortoiseI’m still in a playful mood after my Black & White photo challenge, so I want to see what else we can play online. Have you ever played the game where one person says silly words, and if the other person laughs or chuckles, then they lose? Let’s try that here. Continue reading

Black & white photo challenge bites the dust

Well, there wasn’t as much enthusiasm for my fun photo challenge as I’d hoped, and no one seems willing to guess number 3. It was the famous Forth Bridge over the Firth of Forth in Scotland. And try saying that after a few wee drams of Glenfiddich!

Never mind, I’ll come up with something more interesting instead.

Black & white photo challenge #3

Round two of the photo challenge was won by Jim In IA, so let’s move quickly on to round three. Can you guess where this is? And please restrict your comments to speculation about the location, not my personal appearance. It was a very windy day.


Black & white photo challenge #2

So, round one of my photo challenge was won by an AI. Let’s see if human intelligence can do better this time. Here’s the photo. Can you guess where it is?


Black & white photo challenge #1

I had fun with this on Facebook a while ago, and now my blogger friend Doobster has reminded me of it. Here’s the challenge – I will post 5 black and white photos and you have to guess where they are. Leave your guesses in the comments below!


No one expected Russia to come up with this Weapon

evildeathrayI was going to blog about something else this week, but then I received this spam email public service message, and I felt I ought to share this urgent warning with you. You know, before it’s too late. Continue reading

Dogwood down

dogwoodDogwood is a common shrub in the British Isles and we have one in our garden. It looks best in late winter, when its deep purple-red branches stand out vividly against the snow and frost. Continue reading