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What causes war?

warThis is a question I’ve given plenty of thought to recently, in light of the centenary of World War I, the Syrian conflict and more recently the renewal of Israel-Palestine hostilities. I’ve been reading a lot of opinions on blogs and news sites. Continue reading

Words that should exist but don’t

wordsWords. I tend to think a lot about them. They seem like logical, reasonable constructions, yet they hide subtleties within them that confuse and perplex me. Perhaps if I had a Classical education I would understand them better, but as it is I am often baffled.

Today I’m thinking about words that should exist but don’t.

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appleiphone5sOne of my closest and oldest friends  is a Catholic priest. He’s pretty confident that he has a job for life. I hope for his sake he’s right, but computers and the internet have disrupted a lot of industries and I wonder if the Church might also be vulnerable to change. Continue reading

I am a killer

knifeLast night I killed. My victim was unknown to me, but I planned the killing meticulously in advance. Afterwards I disposed of the body in my garden.

It wasn’t the first time I have killed. I will kill again. Continue reading

My personal best

recycleReduce, reuse, recycle. This is the path to a sustainable future and also to a sustainable blog. I recently wrote my 200th blog post and decided it’s time to take a breather and re-use some of what I’ve already written.

So here are my top 10 favourite blog posts, in no particular order. Continue reading

The myth of the superfood

superfoodsWhat’s this month’s superfood? Soy? Berries? Qinoa? Red wine? Green tea? There’s always a new one.

Of course these foods are good for you. That’s why they’re called superfoods. But the myth is that you can eat a basically unhealthy diet, add in a few superfoods and live forever. That’s not how it works. Continue reading

What is the secret of happiness?

yogadudeIn my novel, The Yoga Sutras, my protagonist Dave is searching for the secret of happiness. His yoga teacher, Kali, and his friends Chris and Mike are eager to offer him their recipe for happiness, but none of their advice rings true for Dave. Continue reading

Do ideas deserve respect?

nofreespeechThis is a follow-up to yesterday’s post in which I criticized atheists who show disrespect to Christians and Muslims. Some people may have misunderstood what I was trying to say.

It’s a widely held belief that we should treat other people’s beliefs with respect. I don’t subscribe to that. Here’s why. Continue reading

Don’t be an atheist asshole

hateI’m an atheist but I hope I’m not an atheist asshole. On Twitter you’ll find tweets like this:

#jesus is satan lol

And this:

#allah eats bacon

Now I guess the person who tweets these thinks they are being funny, but where is the wit? I don’t see it. It seems to me exactly like going to the funeral of someone who has died of AIDS with a banner that reads, “God hates fags.”

Hate is hate. I don’t see the difference.

Blogging for peace

peaceI recently stumbled on the Bloggers for Peace group and I considered joining, but their conditions for membership seem overly prescriptive and dogmatic, so I decided against. Besides, most of the bloggers there seem to be peace-and-love hippies with little interest in exploring the underlying reasons for human conflict. To end war we need to ask difficult questions like, what drives one man to kill another? Continue reading