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It might be a smart phone. It might be the Technological Singularity. Whatever it is, technology gets everywhere.

If animals could talk

justsayinSo I was just reading about a goldfish that can drive a car and I wondered, what if animals could talk?

What’s that? You want me to explain about the car-driving fish? Oh well it’s all here. Continue reading

I downloaded a paradox

mobiusantsMy wife bought a shiny new laptop. Windows 8, lots of new buttons to press, yay!

But there’s a problem. She can’t print anything on her old laser printer. She gets the message, “Cannot find driver for HP LaserJet”.

“What now?” asks my wife.

“Call the tech support guy,” I tell her. Oh, wait. I am the tech support guy. Continue reading

Stepping stones to Transhumanism

googleglassThe Consumer Electronics Show (CES2014) currently taking place in Las Vegas is packed full of smart glasses, like Google Glass.

Wearable tech is poised to transform the way we interact with technology. With a pair of smart glasses, you can begin to feel like superman, taking photos and recording videos of anything you see, and with the almost telepathic ability to interact directly with the internet and with your own automated personal assistant.

Don’t doubt that this will happen, just so long as the cost is affordable and the tech works in a convenient way. After all, just a few years ago, how many people would have imagined that we would be carrying smartphones everywhere and that email, Facebook and other social media would be just as important as face to face communication?

Smart glasses are just the latest in a long history of creeping augmentation of our abilities by technology. Observers of technology call this transition “Transhumanism” and predict an inevitable and exponential increase in how this impacts on our lives. Continue reading

Suspension of disbelief

suspensionbridgeThere are just so many creative people in our world. There are artists who make us see the world afresh through visual media. There are musicians who play with our emotions just like they play their instruments. There are writers who make us think, feel and imagine through words alone.

But what if your medium was the physical world itself, and your task was to make the impossible possible? That would make you awesome. That would make you an engineer. Continue reading

Does a website exist if nobody visits it?

httpYou’ve no doubt heard the philosophical question, “If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?”, to which the answer is, “Yes of course!” unless you’re heavily into Buddhist or Hindu philosophy, in which case causality flies out of the window and anything can happen. Continue reading

Are we nearly there yet?

earthThe Earth has a diameter of approximately 12,742 kilometres. Do you think that sounds big? It’s pretty big. In the 16th century, the crew of Magellan’s ship completed the first circumnavigation of the world. It took them more than 3 years, and Magellan himself died during the journey. But now the International Space Station does it every one and a half hours. Continue reading

Privacy? Forget it!

nocamerasA contestant on the BBC’s reality show The Apprentice got into trouble recently for having photos of her boobs splashed all over the internet. Did she really get in trouble? Or did she generate a load of free publicity and jump start her career in media? Continue reading