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Live the dream

earthfrommoonIf you pay attention to the news you will be told that the current generation of young people faces far greater barriers than the baby-boomers who grew up in the 1950s. Social mobility is in decline, inequality is rising and big corporations increasingly run our lives.

Really? Let me give you an alternative perspective on reality. Continue reading

If animals could talk

justsayinSo I was just reading about a goldfish that can drive a car and I wondered, what if animals could talk?

What’s that? You want me to explain about the car-driving fish? Oh well it’s all here. Continue reading

I downloaded a paradox

mobiusantsMy wife bought a shiny new laptop. Windows 8, lots of new buttons to press, yay!

But there’s a problem. She can’t print anything on her old laser printer. She gets the message, “Cannot find driver for HP LaserJet”.

“What now?” asks my wife.

“Call the tech support guy,” I tell her. Oh, wait. I am the tech support guy. Continue reading

Stepping stones to Transhumanism

googleglassThe Consumer Electronics Show (CES2014) currently taking place in Las Vegas is packed full of smart glasses, like Google Glass.

Wearable tech is poised to transform the way we interact with technology. With a pair of smart glasses, you can begin to feel like superman, taking photos and recording videos of anything you see, and with the almost telepathic ability to interact directly with the internet and with your own automated personal assistant.

Don’t doubt that this will happen, just so long as the cost is affordable and the tech works in a convenient way. After all, just a few years ago, how many people would have imagined that we would be carrying smartphones everywhere and that email, Facebook and other social media would be just as important as face to face communication?

Smart glasses are just the latest in a long history of creeping augmentation of our abilities by technology. Observers of technology call this transition “Transhumanism” and predict an inevitable and exponential increase in how this impacts on our lives. Continue reading

Life after Freshly Pressed

freshlypressedSo, you start a blog, learn all that WordPress stuff, write a few posts, get some likes (wow!), attract followers (how is that even possible?), get into your stride, and then suddenly after a year of blogging, something completely unexpected happens. You get Freshly Pressed, which means that a WordPress.com editor has selected your blog article to be showcased to the world.

Next thing you know your stats counter explodes and your email inbox goes into meltdown with all those likes, follows, comments and even reblogs.

Here are my stats after my last post got Freshly Pressed: Continue reading

What Facebook thinks I want

facebookFacebook knows me intimately. It knows where I live. It knows what I say. It knows what I like. It knows more about me than any other advertising agency in the history of the world.

And yet, this is Facebook’s data model of me:  Continue reading

Lies, damn lies and infographics

youareanidiotThe internet is full of pithy facts, many of them incorrect or misleading. And if you present a fact as a cool infographic, it will go viral whether it’s true or not. Especially if it involves a cat. Continue reading


butterfliesYesterday I was wondering, where are ideas? Then afterwards, I had another idea (did you also lie awake at night worrying about this?) Continue reading

Where are ideas?

whereareideasThis week I’m getting all metaphysical. Since arguing that we create science rather than discover it, then it follows that science and the laws of nature are not “out there” waiting to be found, but are ideas contained within our imagination. They have the same status as stories that we tell each other.

The same is true of mathematics. It’s just an idea. That seems paradoxical, because mathematics has rules, like 1 + 1 = 2 that we can’t change. The rules seem to be real. They seem to relate to real world things that we can count. Continue reading

Does a website exist if nobody visits it?

httpYou’ve no doubt heard the philosophical question, “If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?”, to which the answer is, “Yes of course!” unless you’re heavily into Buddhist or Hindu philosophy, in which case causality flies out of the window and anything can happen. Continue reading