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The Book of Dawkins

dawkinsIn the beginning was the word and the word was Dawkins. Dawkins said let there be a book that explains evolutionary biology to the layperson. The book was called The Selfish Gene and Dawkins looked on it and saw that it was good. Continue reading

The age of the Earth

earthPlanet Earth is 4.54 billion years old, but how do we know that? Continue reading

What are brains for?

brainsopenBrains. We all have them, but what are they for?

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Ingredients for a miracle


  • 35kg water
  • 16kg carbon
  • 12kg oxygen
  • 3kg hydrogen
  • 1kg each of nitrogen, calcium and phosphorus
  • A sprinkle of potassium, sulphur and sodium
  • About a dozen trace elements Continue reading

How to live to 100

100yearsoldIn my Live to 100 series I’ve examined various places around the world (the Greek island of Ikaria, the Japanese island of Okinawa, Andorra, Spain, Australia and Iceland) where the population enjoys exceptional longevity and good health into old age, and for each place I extracted a list of rules for healthy living. Now I’m pulling these together to find out what’s common to all or most of these locations. In short, I am about to reveal to you the secret of longevity.

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Free will? It’s a no brainer

nobrainerImagine that you cannot see or hear and have no sense of smell, taste or touch. Imagine that you have no arms or legs or mouth. Imagine that you have no brain. How would you find food? How would you survive?

On his blog, Matt Russell tells the story of how bacteria manage to survive and thrive despite not having any of the basic tools that we would consider essential for living. It’s a story of survival against the odds that can perhaps teach us something about ourselves. Continue reading

I doubt that very much

gadandadamReligion. It’s a strange business. On other matters we are asked, are we for or against? But when it comes to God, we must answer, do we believe or not? How peculiar.

You might have thought that God would give us free will to choose Him or not. Instead He neglected to tell us clearly whether He even exists. It’s pure negligence. A shocking abdication of divine responsibility. Continue reading

Foods for energy

foodsforenergyA couple of months ago I read and reviewed a book called Dr Susan’s Chronic Fatigue Cure. The book suggested a number of foods that may reduce energy. This is of particular interest to people like me who suffer from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

Dr Susan suggests that the following foods can be energy-draining: red meat, lactose, gluten, chocolate, coffee and alcohol.

Since I read the book, I’ve been carrying out a scientific experiment on myself, to see if these foods really do have an effect.

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Against the law

illegalIt’s often said that ignorance of the law is no defence. But this surely works only if laws are obvious and known to all. If you don’t know the laws, how can you be sure you haven’t broken any?

Since 1497 there have been 1.5 million Acts of Parliament in the UK. The last UK government passed a record number of new laws – a total of 3,506 in 2010. That’s more than 10 new laws every working day. Are you still certain you haven’t broken any? Do you even know what any of these new laws are? Continue reading

Happy 1st myriad!

firstbirthdayThe Greek number myriad means literally ten thousand, and that’s roughly how old our civilization is. 10,000 years ago, the ice sheets were retreating across Europe and North America to be replaced by forests, and in the Middle East the first civilized people were learning how to farm.

That may sound a long time ago in comparison to a single human lifespan, but as civilizations go, we are still in our infancy. That’s why I’ve decided to celebrate our first myriad. Continue reading