Strange thoughts, random mutterings

Where to begin a blog? Certainly not at the beginning. That would take too long. Besides, this blog isn’t about me. It’s about my thoughts.

If I wanted more of me, I could just look in the mirror, or talk out loud to myself (which I already do, of course). No, the point is, that if like me, you work mostly alone, it can get lonely sometimes. Family and friends help of course. Facebook can work if there’s no better option. Twitter will lead you to a dark place very quickly.

So, this blog is an outlet. A way for me to talk loudly to myself without attracting too much attention, and perhaps even getting some feedback from the kind of nutters who patrol the far-flung corners of the internet. Like myself.

Expect lots of opinions. Expect a few facts. Expect random thoughts on seemingly unrelated topics. Expect a window into the world of me, Steve Morris.

Welcome, uninvited and possibly deranged reader.

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