People are awesome

The Oxford English Dictionary defines a computer as an “automatic electronic apparatus for making calculations or controlling operations that are expressible in numerical or logical terms” which is odd, since our computer at home spends most of its time displaying youtube videos of people on skateboards jumping over cars (People are Awesome) or crashing into trees (Epic Fail).

Searching for this stuff on youtube is apparently what kids learn in ICT lessons at school these days. More advanced searches, like Rhianna naked presumably are taught at GCSE level.

Charles Babbage is probably turning in his grave at the thought of it. And the poor old inventor of email is probably thinking, “OMG, LOL!”

It seems that all inventions, however advanced, are eventually applied to that most human of all activities – wasting time and avoiding boredom.

You might think this is a pathetic squandering of advanced technology, but it gives me hope for optimism. If people can subvert big ideas in this way, it must be a sign of creativity. It suggests that our species is not destined for extinction any time soon.

By the way, here’s that People are Awesome video so you can waste some time yourself.

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