Imagining the future

Many people have a view of free will that I find limiting. They think, “I have free will, so I can choose freely between option A and option B.”

That’s not really free will. Free will is choosing option C.

You think this is just semantics, but it’s not.

Suppose you’re on a path and you come to a junction. You can choose left or right. Anyone who’s ever walked through a maze will tell you that choosing left or right doesn’t mean you’ll end up heading in the direction you intended. You might find yourself travelling away from your goal. If you approach life like a maze, you’ll probably end up lost.

To reach a goal you must have an imagined vision of where you want to go. Simply responding to choices as they are presented, isn’t the way to reach your goal. And if you don’t have a goal in the first place, how can you even claim to have free will?

If you have a goal, you can make choices that weren’t even apparent. Don’t wait for the road junction to give you a choice of left or right. Drive off-road and head in the direction you choose. Life isn’t a series of choices – left , right or give up altogether. If you follow the path you’ve created in your dreams, you’ll find that it doesn’t have to look anything like the physical landscape around.

The greatest boundary is the limit of your imagination.

And every moment is the opportunity of a lifetime.

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