The blog as an open source diary

manuscriptDear Reader, welcome back! Or welcome for the first time! You know, you’re my favourite reader. You’re special. You’re the best.

You might think I’ve written this blog just for you. But I haven’t. I’ve written it for myself, but you’re more than welcome to read too.

You see, the blog is a modern version of a diary. Not the boring type of diary full of dental appointments and jobs to be done. The interesting kind with secrets, true confessions and intimate personal revelations.

The twist is that because this is the twenty-first century, we can easily put all our secrets into the public domain. We can invite strangers to laugh at us. We can allow them to add their own rude comments to our epistles. We can let it all hang out, from sex to death and everything in between.

Socrates objected to writing. He worried that it would erode people’s ability to memorise texts. He also believed that people would mislead themselves into believing they were absorbing knowledge, when they were only acquiring facts.

We know that Socrates said this because his student, Plato, wrote it down.

LOL, as they say in Ancient Greece.

Socrates was wrong about writing. It’s an extraordinarily powerful tool. Not only does it allow people to acquire knowledge, but it makes knowledge cumulative. By this I mean that others can read your writing and write their own contributions, and so the body of human knowledge grows exponentially instead of being merely preserved from one generation to the next.

So what exactly is an open source diary? It’s a personal diary that’s available for public scrutiny and that others can contribute to, so it becomes a collaborative effort. For me, it’s a way of thinking out loud as a tool for organising and developing my thoughts.

Many people wouldn’t want their private thoughts published. But personal diaries and letters that do get published are of great public interest. Autobiographies of the famous are always best sellers. I’m no celebrity, but if you’d like to share my thoughts, please feel free to read along with me.

2 responses to “The blog as an open source diary

  1. LOL, as they say in Ancient Greece.
    That was hilarious! XD

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