Talking to myself

facetofaceSteve: So, Steve, it’s the end of 2012 and I thought it would be good to have a kind of review of the year.

Steve: Do you mean looking back at the news events of 2012, or more like a job performance assessment?

Steve: Well hopefully neither of those. Rather a cosy chat between two Steves looking at what went well and what didn’t.

Steve: Will the readers really be interested in that?

Steve: Who cares! You never worried about that with any of the other stuff you posted on this blog.

Steve: True.

Steve: OK, let’s talk about how the blog is going. You’ve been writing it for a few months now.

Steve: Yes, I’ve really enjoyed writing it. It’s been quite liberating. I can say anything I want and I just don’t care!

Steve: Better than ranting at the bathroom mirror for the past twentyyears and driving your wife nuts?

Steve: Absolutely. But my son thinks it’s a waste of time. He says it doesn’t make any money. I’m trying to teach him that money really isn’t that important, but you know how kids are?

Steve: Yeah. Anyway, what do your friends think of the blog?

Steve: Oh, they seem to be almost entirely uninterested. Even though I keep telling people about it …

Steve: To the point of irritation!

Steve: … they still don’t read it.

Steve: That’s the way it is, Steve. You should know that by now. Nobody cares. Get over it.

Steve: But some people read it. Complete strangers. Sometimes I even get a comment or a “like”. And amazingly I even have some followers!

Steve: Like religious followers?

Steve: No, just email followers. I don’t know who these people are, but let me just take this opportunity to say I love you guys!

Steve: You really are a creep.

Steve: Are we done yet? I need to go and do some partying. It’s New Years Eve!

Steve: OK, let’s wrap up. To finish, do you have a New Year message for the readers?

Steve: What, right off the top of my head?

Steve: Yeah, just say the first thing that springs to mind. It’s just a crappy blog article that nobody’s going to read.

Steve: OK, here it is. Don’t believe something just because somebody told you it’s true. Don’t believe something just because most people think it’s true. Don’t think something just because everyone believes it’s true. Only believe what you know to be true.

Steve: Is that it?

Steve: Yeah.

Steve: What a load of pretentious crap.

Steve: Do you think we should do this again next year?

Steve: Maybe as a video interview?

Steve: That would be cool.

Steve: Let’s see what the “fans” think about it before we commit to it.

Steve: LOL.

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