Where’s the undo button?

Making breakfast this morning I accidentally spilled some milk while making my porridge. Instead of reaching for a cloth, I caught myself thinking, “Where’s the undo button?”

When we make a mistake on the computer we just click “undo” or “back” or “cancel” and everything magically reverts to how it was. We’re getting used to the idea that mistakes can be undone and we can travel back in time and try it again.

This is a good thing of course. But it’s also bad. We’re being conditioned to think that actions don’t necessarily have consequences. That’s a very dangerous state of mind, and there’s only one solution.

Someone needs to invent an “undo” button for real life. And quickly!

2 responses to “Where’s the undo button?

    • I haven’t read about that technique before. It sounds like it might be positive, although I’m nervous about the idea of completely rewriting my memories of my life. Sounds like that could possibly lead to quite deranged behaviour and warped perspectives.

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