You’re a celebrity? Get me out of here!

britneyThere’s nothing worse than watching an actor without a script. And if you admire a particular writer, artist or musician, never watch them being interviewed. 

Why? Because few people are good at “off the cuff” replies, or stringing together coherent thoughts without planning them in advance. I myself am utterly useless at it.

When you read an article or a book, the writer has probably taken ages to write it. Just like my blog articles, which frankly take forever.

A writer may have spent a whole hour working on one paragraph. It might have taken days, months or even years to come to fruition. Sentences can be crossed out or moved. Words can be changed; whole sections deleted and replaced. It can be re-read and re-worked and spell-checked until it’s perfect.

Responding to questions in real time is so much harder. Only naturally gifted conversationalists and raconteurs can pull it off. That’s why even very clever, interesting people can sound totally dull when being interviewed.

And it’s why you should never follow your heroes on Twitter.

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