I’m a celebrity chef, get the fuck out of my kitchen!

gordonramseyYep, all chefs swear. Whether it’s the abusive Gordon Ramsey effing and blinding at everyone in sight, or the latest episode of Jamie Says Fuck!, they just can’t seem to help it.

That’s because kitchens are stressful environments. Multitasking, fixed deadlines, too many cooks – it’s a recipe for disaster!

To be honest, I’m just the same whenever I cook, although I usually swear silently in my head. That’s because I’m repressed.

We swear to release tension, and that’s why it doesn’t matter whether we use the f word or the s word or even the dreaded c word. It doesn’t matter what the f**k we say, it’s just the act of saying something we’re not supposed to that does the trick. It lets off steam, and it’s a lot better than hitting someone, especially when you have a small armoury of sharp knives to hand.

Writing swear words doesn’t have quite the same effect. In fact, I’m quite stressed out writing this blog article with the f word in the title. I might need to go somewhere quiet and do some really loud swearing afterwards just to calm myself down.

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