Seeking the truth

None of us knows with certainty the truth about anything. But two approaches to truth-seeking suggest themselves.

Firstly we can turn to authoritative sources. An authoritative source might be a religious text, or an expert, or Wikipedia, or @justinbieber. For this to work for us, we need to have faith in the source.

The advantage of authoritative sources is that we can be certain what the truth is. The truth is what the source tells us.

The disadvantages are:

  1. The source might be wrong.
  2. We have no way of knowing if the source is wrong.
  3. If the source has nothing to say about a particular subject, then we have no way to find out the truth about that subject.

The second approach is to learn to think for ourselves. To seek explanations that make sense to us. The disadvantages of this method are that it’s hard, we may still get the wrong answer, and that the truth becomes a journey not a destination.

The benefits are:

  1. We can learn to think better if we practise.
  2. We can learn from the thoughts and writings of others.
  3. We can form an opinion about how close we are getting to the truth.
  4. We can apply the method to any question or problem.
  5. We can help others to think for themselves too.

You won’t be surprised to hear that I prefer the second method.

To fully engage in this method of truth-seeking we have to be open to new ideas, receptive to people who argue against us, and willing to question our own beliefs just as we question the beliefs of others.

That’s why I’m putting my thoughts out here on this public blog, and why anyone is welcome to leave comments.

7 responses to “Seeking the truth

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  2. I love when someone who says they are seeking the Truth has the courage to say,’ anyone is welcome to leave a comment’! It speaks volumes about your desire to find this(Truth) elusive substance. I am currently writing a book about this subject called: The Truthists Handbook. I claim to specialize in this subject, The Truth, and unfortunately also have to “know” about it’s opposing force….beliefs. Contrary to most peoples opinions, lies are not the opposing force of Truth. Beliefs and the sentient beings who contain and perpetuate those beliefs (believers) are the reason why you know little to nothing about a rather simple subject. Belief systems are the primary cause of our woes and desperate search by a few hardy souls to know the Truth. Belief systems are built by people based on whatecer rationale that seemed to make sense at the time of its construction, usually in early childhood and at a parent,peer or societies insistence. Also a belief is a limiting factor, to believe in one thing is to discount or not believe in another. So believers and non believers, who are one and the same limit themselves and them proclaim to seek something that is essentially unlimited. And that is like looking for something blindfolded and hog tied…..there is “ni” chance for a believer/non believer of ever finding something in that state….lol. If you truely want to find the truth then stop believing. You could start by discarding the belief that no obe knows the truth…..because i do! We are not all equal on this planet contrary to beliefs. Some of us are far greater than the rest…..more intelligent, longer lived and have far more potential. And that is the Truth.

  3. Thanks for the feedback, Nige. I should have been more specific and stated that I do not know the truth. It hadn’t occurred to me that someone reading this blog might know it for certain. I look forward to reading your book. As you may have gathered, I am also very interested in beliefs and belief systems.

    • Boy, that was quick Steve!…lol…as you can no doubt understand i could not go into great detail about the subject of my comments as it would defeat the purpose of writing my book, which i am hoping will fund the initial construction and equipment to make the Truth a physical and actual thing. Kinda like the ultimate libary accessable by those who desire it. With limits imposed on its use of course! It will contain everyones diary(sic) and people tend to get upset at the idea of anyone being able to access and read about them, including the day and cause of their death, before they at least have the chance….lol. I will certainly send a fellow “Truthist” such as yourself a copy for your judgement. Until then i will keep dropping in to check

    • Lol….i suppose that’s oneway of putting it!…lol….but you being a physicist of all people understand the nature of the universe. It was only a matter of time before something happens. The opposing force to beliefs/believers must come into existence Steve. This will actually cause a split umong the human race! Sides will have to be chosen. That is the downside. The upside is being avke to datamine the future, the past and alternate/paralell universes for cures to diseases and advanced technologies the morons on this planet will never find even if it punched them in the face!!!….lol. It will also gaurentee a certain amount of people here a future and thus bring Man back into being. The current methods of research is almost pre-historic in its practices and the onky reason you have what you have now tech wise is sheer luck and well timed mistakes! That process will not work on the future high tech needed to sustain a future race. Also, the next level of knowledge requires people who “know” not “believe”. Unfortunately the time of discovery and wonder is coming to a end. The next level is all or nothing buddy. Ever wanted to know what your(humans) true past is Steve? It certainly wasn’t Evolution as you know it! Have you ever wondered if there is other beings out there? And if Humans do have a future, how will they percieve you and your colleagues and the methods you use? Will/would they be embarrased to admit you were their kin? And if they have the technology to rebirth you, would they? I mean if we couldn’t bring people from the past due to “collapsed belief system sydrone”, would they be able to? And basicly that is the only problem with Time Travel/Hopping…..people tend to flip out and get ill because they can’t “believe” its happening! Fucking Believers! The bane of my existence!!….lol.

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