Applied transgression minotaur

youtubeI just discovered a great new feature on YouTube. Automated captions. You so must try this feature. Here’s how YouTube subtitled a video of me talking to my son, Oliver, about the book he’s reading. I’ll leave you to guess what the book is.

Me: The repair of the week we’re going to talk about broke studio reading sin. So what is your book?

Oliver: Objection.

Me: Is that the last word?

Oliver: Uhh… assistant manager.

Me: It seems that. Tell me about the book.

Oliver: Want. But some people died. And becomes yes imminent.

Me: Its about the great gold jasmine?

Oliver: Homophobe. Wasn’t the Clintons account.

Me: Yes, tell me their names.

Oliver: Well that’s true about on la on the undone other later and and and instantly.

Me: What about the cause?

Oliver Use sidon eighties msn and pina died he you know and needs Morpheus Candice nemesis annex. And use this to you.

Me: Which is your favourite colour?

Oliver: Liza Minelli his father. Wendy.

Me: Adhesion not schooled at.

Did you get the name of the book? Its Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief, and my son highly recommends it for all nine-year old boys. But of course, you already knew that, didn’t you?


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