A comedy of vegetables

Do you know why vegetables are so good for us? It’s because they make us laugh. Seriously.

Vegetable comedy first came to my attention when a badly-translated French menu proposed that I might enjoy a Plate of Crudenesses for my lunch.

There’s something inherently comic about fruit and vegetables. Perhaps it’s because they remind us of parts of the human body. After all, most women are supposed to be shaped like apples or pears.

You might think that meat looks more like the human body, but you can’t laugh at meat, because there’s nothing funny about dead flesh served up on your dinner plate. Meat is tragedy; vegetables are pure comedy.

Beans make you fart, right? Sprouts are even worse. What then, about bean-sprouts? I once tricked my younger son into eating his broccoli by saying it would make him fart like a trombone.

What image pops into your head when I say plump aubergine? Anything? What about big, round melons? Nice, juicy peaches. Ripe mangoes. Enormous cucumbers. Big bunches of bananas. Hairy kiwis. Once you’ve started this way of thinking, there’s no way back.

They even have funny names. Artichokes. Brassicas. Parsnips. Coconuts. Watermelons.

I’m left wondering if humour is our way of making vegetables more enticing. Most people claim not to enjoy the taste of veg. How much more appealing if you can eat them and laugh at the same time.

3 responses to “A comedy of vegetables

  1. 최다해 gongjumonica

    Interesting post! If all of us will think this way, then maybe more will be encouraged to eat vegetables.Funny and healthy!

  2. Love vegetables! Love! Love! Love! Did I say that I love vegetables? Oh yes I do! :))
    But never, ever eat them while laughing! That’s irresponsible and foolish. So, eat them and then laugh. They’re both healthy. 🙂

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