Free movement of people

It seems I take a minority view on the subject of immigration. Contrary to nearly everyone else in the UK, I support immigration and welcome immigrants.

There are so many reasons why immigration is good that I hardly know where to begin.

Having more economically active people in a country is good for the economy. No, they don’t steal our jobs! What idiot told you that? Immigrants tend to be young, hard workers and they often bring valuable skills and qualifications. They tend to be dynamic, entrepreneurial risk-takers. They are willing to accept jobs that locals aren’t. They earn money, spend it on goods and services and pay taxes. Immigration is a powerful driving force for an economy. If you expect to retire one day and get a pension, you’d better start welcoming immigrants right away.

When it comes to culture, there’s nothing like some new kids on the block to shake things up. Music and food are two immediately obvious ways that immigration adds to the quality of life in Britain, but there are plenty of others too. Language itself thrives on immigration. After all, most English words have been imported from other languages.

Immigration is good for a country economically, culturally and culinarily. I’m glad I don’t live in a racially pure Anglo-Saxon society with nothing to eat except barley, oats and (over-cooked) turnips, and nothing to watch on TV except endless repeats of Beowulf.

And don’t you want the right to travel freely and live, work and study wherever you choose? That can only happen if others have similar rights. Free movement of people? Bring it on!

It’s time for me to come clean now and declare a hidden agenda. I am an immigrant.

Yes, I’m Welsh. Here I am living in England. I’ve stolen the job of some hardworking Englishman, married one of your beautiful English women, contaminated the gene pool with my mutant Celtic DNA and am teaching my children to eat leeks on St David’s Day. If you don’t deport me right away, I might even start playing my harp and reciting poetry. England will never be the same again.

3 responses to “Free movement of people

  1. ROFL! Perfect way to encourage immigration: Threaten to leave!

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