Show me your tag cloud

hobbies-and-interestsIf you want to find out all about someone you could ask them their hobbies and interests. If you asked me, I would probably list stuff like books, films, gardening, cooking, yoga and hanging out with the family. But this turns out to be a lie.

In the information age, computers can see directly into your soul. More specifically, the software I use to write my blog (WordPress) knows my tag cloud.

You see, every time I write an article for my blog, it gets tagged with keywords that define what it’s about. These keywords are called tags, and the tag cloud is a graphic that shows the popular tags. Better still, the most popular tags are written in big letters, so you can see at a glance what someone is really interested in.

This is very personal you understand, but here’s mine:


Apparently, this is what really interests me. Turns out I’m obsessed by language, belief systems and living for ever. In fact, I’m exactly the kind of person you wouldn’t want to sit next to at a dinner party.

So if you really want to find out about someone, don’t ask about their hobbies. Ask to see their tag cloud.

2 responses to “Show me your tag cloud

  1. I would never ask someone about their hobbies, as you say people lie or they may simply bore you to death…

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