Do I look like this?

stevemorris140x140I got this great idea from another blog. Google has a feature in its image search called visually similar images. So I found an image of myself and clicked the link.

Now I see myself as others see me.

This is what I look like:


But do these guys really look like me?



Does this house look like me?


Does this, um, motorised bicycle contraption look like me?


Does this nice lady look like me?


Do these VEGETABLES look like me?



And, fuck, does this fish look like me?


So tell me straight, is this really what I look like? Or could it be that Google’s image search needs a bit more tweaking, just like its automatic video captioning?

3 responses to “Do I look like this?

  1. That’s hilarious. At first I thought they were catching the blue shirt or were unable to decipher age. But it occurred to me that they might have been searching for similar images using something called empirical orthogonal functions. Using this method they could be matching up light patterns in both pictures. They find the one pattern in your picture that most explains the light, then they search for another picture that has the same pattern which most explains THAT light. (awkwardly put). This is used in climate research. A pattern is shown which most explains the current empirical data. But that is just a promising place to look. It doesn’t mean that the pattern reflects reality. You have to do research to check that. The pattern with the most explanatory power might not look anything like reality – as you can see above! This is just a guess!

  2. The nice lady doesn’t look like you but she looks like she likes you. Does that count?

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