You already said that!

twitterOne of the things I like about Twitter is that it tells you off if you try to tweet something you’ve tweeted before. So Twitter will allow you to say things that are unbelievably stupid, but only once. That seems like a good rule. Perhaps we should apply it to our politicians.

I often forget really important things, especially words and names, and even my opinions on topics. But that’s not due to old age or early onset dementia. I’ve always had a terrible memory. And that’s one of the reasons I started blogging.

This blog is an extension of my brain. It’s a place where I can record my thoughts as they happen and try to work out what I think about the world. And it’s a resource I can refer back to if I forget what I think about something. If you think that’s stupid, then you’ve obviously got a much better memory than mine.

But however good your powers of recall, we can all benefit from tools for thinking. The human brain is a powerful machine, but it’s not enough to get by in the modern world. That’s why we need computers, blogs and even Twitter. They’re all useful tools for thinking better.

Einstein once said that Einstein plus a pencil is cleverer than Einstein. In my case, however, a pencil is never going to be enough.

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