Sex in the garden

dejeunersurlherbeYes, I thought that headline might grab your attention. This article is all about happiness.

Certain things are supposed to help make us happy:

  1. Close friendships.
  2. Marriage to a loving long-term partner.
  3. Meaningful work.
  4. Plenty of sex.
  5. Being outdoors.

Hey what? Are you serious about number 5? Yep, being outside is a quick route to happiness. Being outdoors brings you fresh air, sunshine, exercise and a strong connection with nature. It’s good for children; it’s good for grown-ups.

If you remember, in my article about the Greek Island of Ikaria I noted the importance of having a garden to enjoying a long, healthy life. Having a garden is the best way to enjoy the outdoors. It is, I can now reveal, the true secret of happiness. Because if you have a garden, you can enjoy all of the other key ingredients of happiness:

  1. Friends – invite them round to your garden. Crack open a bottle! If your neighbours complain about the noise, invite them over too!
  2. Marriage – your garden is made for sharing. However small it is, it’s big enough for two.
  3. Work – what kind of work could be more rewarding than growing your own flowers, fruit and vegetables?
  4. Sex – Come on, use your imagination!

Sex and the City? That’s just empty sex. Sex in the garden? Now you’re talking!

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