In the beginning … nothing happened

StarsintheskyHave you ever heard that if the age of the universe were one year, humans would have appeared in the last 8 minutes? Does that make you feel that we are insignificant, transient beings, of no importance in the cosmic scheme? What about when you hear that our star is one of billions in the Milky Way, which is one of billions of similar galaxies stretching out across space? Makes you feel small, huh?

Let’s turn the whole thing around. For most of the time the universe existed, nothing happened. Sure, space expanded, stars were born and died, dumb matter got moved around. But it was all to no purpose.

Then a miracle took place. Dumb matter woke up.

Matter sprang into life, started moving around by itself, filling up all the available space with rough copies of itself, and asking stupid questions. These beings made some stuff, hit each other with the stuff they had made and used their power of speech to call each other rude names.

But no, that’s another pessimistic (although fashionable) view of the world. Let’s turn our perspective once more. Here goes … suddenly, after aeons of silence, the universe woke up and became aware of itself. Where there had been nothing before, now there were angels. The angels were like bright sparks in the darkness, shedding light and transforming the world wherever they touched it. Very quickly, more and more angels appeared and they spread out across the universe (I’m getting ahead of myself here), turning nothingness into something and purposeless into meaning and spreading love through the cold, dark, empty void. Their journey had just begun.


2 responses to “In the beginning … nothing happened

  1. Hah, apparently the net energy of the universe is zero, and so it seems silly to need a Big Bang at all.

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