Bin Laden stole my dream

worldtradecenterI once had a dream to fly to New York on Concorde and visit the World Trade Center which I had long admired from afar.

British Airways scuppered the first part of my dream when it removed Concorde from service, leaving the world without any kind of supersonic passenger travel, and single-handedly accomplishing an unprecedented backwards leap in human progress. Osama Bin Laden destroyed the second half of my dream when he ordered the destruction of the TwinTowers on 9/11. I hold him personally responsible for the theft of my dream (I realize he did uncountably many terrible things, and that this particular grudge of mine is extraordinarily petty, but, still.)

Anyway, the thing about dreams is that they can change. We are free to dream again. We can have as many dreams as we like. After all, they cost nothing. I have dreamed many dreams. Some of them have even come true, and many more remain possibilities, at least in my imagination. Others have had to be abandoned or modified.

I’m still an optimist. Life has such a capacity to surprise. Just recently I visited the excellent Imperial War Museum in Manchester, and to my astonishment discovered a large, mangled fragment of the World Trade Center on display there. I was even able to touch it, bringing a strange kind of closure to that chapter of my life. In a weird way, perhaps Bin Laden made that possible. Stranger things happen. And I haven’t given up on flying in a supersonic plane one day, even though no such plane currently exists. As I say, I’m an incurable optimist.

So dream on. After all, you gotta have a dream. If you don’t have a dream, how ya gonna have a dream come true?

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