Lies, damn lies and infographics

youareanidiotThe internet is full of pithy facts, many of them incorrect or misleading. And if you present a fact as a cool infographic, it will go viral whether it’s true or not. Especially if it involves a cat.

We used to call this propaganda and it was used by governments to mislead the people. Now we call it infographics and it is used by the people to mislead themselves. This is good, because bullshit is a basic democratic right.

The psychology of infographics is simple. If people smile we trust them. If beautiful people tell us lies we ask them to tell us more. If a blatant lie is attached to a pretty photograph, your friends will share it on Facebook.

Here’s some evil Nazi propaganda:


Hello children, do you like flowers, fresh air and exercise? Then you might also enjoy persecuting Jews and beating up homosexuals and socialists.

And here are some popular infographics you might find on Facebook.

Anti-fluoridation infographics:


Mummy, why do the health professionals want to poison our drinking water? I dunno kid, my IQ has fallen to zero since the fluoridation started.

Anti GMO infographics:


Yes, but the incidence of crop circles fell by 93.6% because aliens hate GMOs.

And my personal favourite – anti-nuclear power infographics:


No facts here. Just remember – nuclear power is evil.

So, if, like me, you’re wary of misleading and fact-free infographics, here’s one I found today that might amuse you (click to view).

And remember, Grumpy Cat says, “Never believe anything you read in infographics.”

3 responses to “Lies, damn lies and infographics

  1. Lol….good stuff Steve. Tho you shouldn’t believe anything, or you’ll end up having “belief system”, and that is detrimental to ones mental health….lol. I am not a fan of democracy so i don’t support you in supporting “bullshitters rights” but that is the system that has been forced upon us so at present we are stuck with it. And bullshitters oneday should be put to the sword. Nothing worse in my books then intentionaly leading someone astray just because they “believe” they can or “believe” they are right.

  2. “The psychology of infographics is simple. If people smile we trust them. If beautiful people tell us lies we ask them to tell us more.”
    LOOOOVVVE that! So true.

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