Knowing more unknowns

A while back I wrote about the joy of solving problems. In fact I claimed that solving problems is what most people spend their lives doing, even if they don’t realise it. If that sounds like drudgery, I intended it to be the opposite. Solving problems is what gives our lives meaning. It’s one of the things that makes us human.

But don’t concern yourself that this is unsustainable. Don’t worry that we are selfishly solving all the problems and that future generations won’t have any problems left to solve.

Because the more problems we solve, the more new problems there are available to us. The more we know, the more we know that we don’t know.

That’s one of the things I’m doing with this blog, of course. Finding more questions I don’t know the answers to.


5 responses to “Knowing more unknowns

  1. Solving problems using the current antiquated methods will become a thing of the past oneday Steve. The old trial and error system or fluke/accidental process will become and has to become a thing of the past. While researchers find questions like “What causes cancer” and “how could it be cured” enigmating and stimulating, a small child or adult dies from it. And who knows what that child or adult could have done or contributed to the greater good if only they had lived? This “seeking glory” system of reaserch has to come to a end. Lets just suppose the entire population of this planet had to leave suddenly due to a unforseen problem with our star Sol. The new world which would become our new home would be different to this planet in slightly different ways. And those differences could and would make huge impacts on our lives. We could essentialy find ourselves back to a Victorian era knowledge base. Researchers seem to love progress and the subsequent glory and gadgets and toys that come from it, but never seem to actually try to find a more or even the ultimate way to find knowledge. Maybe they subconsciously do this to gaurantee their jobs and status/importance in society? But whatever the reason it has to stop. We must mature as a race and put glory seeking behind us and find the ultimate research method and put researchers out of work for good for the greater good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Sometimes a true genius comes along and moves us decisively forward. Otherwise, we all just have to do whatever little we can. But progress is accelerating exponentially.

      • The True Genius is within you Steve. Your beliefs are holding you back buddy…..this i know! You unfortunately believe Darwin was correct or conversly you may believe in Creationism? And either of these “beliefs” have become your “beliefs” and part of your “belief system”. Now what would happen if you found out that both are wrong in relation to our history but are correct and the truth but not in relation to us? Evolution is possible and somewhere in this universe but is not what happened to us. And creation is truth too but it finished with the creation of the universe…..excepting reproducing which is a form of creation. You set up this site to find the truth you say…..but all you will find will be “believers” spewing forth their “beliefs”. And as i said in a earlier post beliefs are the opposing force of Truth. So in essence your search will bear no fruit. Unless you get very lucky and find someone who “knows” what Truth is…..

        • You are becoming strangely mystical Nige with your references to gnosticism and ancient Jewish books. Unexpected for an engineer. Be careful with all that Dan Brown stuff 🙂

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