You’re different, I’m different (we’re basically the same)

The three most popular TV shows in the UK are I’m a Celebrity – Get Me Out of Here, Strictly Come Dancing and the X Factor. I hate them all, so I’m very much in a minority when it comes to popular culture.

It’s very easy to define ourselves in terms of how we’re different from the rest of humanity. With so many choices to be made and so many different tastes, each of us is surely unique. And uniqueness is something to be prized.

But this way of thinking can lead to division. It can lead to “them” and “us”. It can lead to war and violence.

Instead of telling you how I differ from the average person, I could tell you ways in which I am similar. I like to hang out with friends. I enjoy watching movies and listening to music. Sunshine makes me feel happy. I sleep at night and I like the taste of chocolate. Probably many of you reading this blog share these things in common with me. I could list thousands of other common traits too, but that would make me bored, just like you.

99.9% of our DNA is common across all humans. So remember – differences are important, but similarities matter more. We can cling to the things that separate us, or we can remember that we’re all on the same team.

Let’s celebrate diversity but also remember what makes us one.

13 responses to “You’re different, I’m different (we’re basically the same)

  1. This is quite an important message, Steve … and very well delivered. You’re a pro ! Nice job.

  2. Thanks for you time to write this material, Love your blog.

  3. I think this post was very beautifully illustrated with the picture and and especially with your words.

  4. Nicely written Mr. Steve.Shows what a open-minded person you are.

  5. Awesome title and the message given by the content is also too good

  6. Love the way you have kept this post short and sweet. Brilliant piece

  7. So true and thank you for liking my post “We are who we are”.

  8. The picture is like the one in my little boys school, all of us different, with that right, to be different, like you.

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