Life after Freshly Pressed

freshlypressedSo, you start a blog, learn all that WordPress stuff, write a few posts, get some likes (wow!), attract followers (how is that even possible?), get into your stride, and then suddenly after a year of blogging, something completely unexpected happens. You get Freshly Pressed, which means that a editor has selected your blog article to be showcased to the world.

Next thing you know your stats counter explodes and your email inbox goes into meltdown with all those likes, follows, comments and even reblogs.

Here are my stats after my last post got Freshly Pressed:


My blog was only Freshly Pressed for 48 hours, but in that time it picked up 2,500 page views, nearly 300 likes and 150 new followers.  100 people took the time to comment and incredibly it was reblogged, tweeted and shared on Facebook well over 100 times.

And what goes through your mind? Surprise. Disbelief. Joy.  Shock. Awe. Gratitude. Humility. Fear. Despair.

Why fear and despair? Because – what now? Suddenly you have hundreds of new followers, all expectantly waiting for you to write another article at least as good as that one. All with different interests, tastes and wants. How can you possibly deliver? Better just to shut up and hope that this will soon blow over. People will get bored waiting and move on.

Or, just carry on as before. But how? It was OK talking to a few people. But hundreds? And just take a look at the people who are following you. Many of them are bloggers themselves. Awesome bloggers. There are just so many brilliant blogs out there. And these people are waiting for you to tell them something new and interesting. How can you possibly live up to expectations?

The thing to do, I think, is carry on as before. I will endeavour to be funny, interesting and inspiring – sometimes all at once. After all, I’m writing this blog for myself. I’m not selling anything or trying to “make money blogging.” So I’ll just collect my thoughts and get back to you all very soon.

35 responses to “Life after Freshly Pressed

  1. No pressure Steve 😉

  2. Hahaha.. Surprise. Disbelief. Joy. Shock. Awe. Gratitude. Humility. Fear. Despair. I can imagine the emotional roller-coaster!
    I am so glad you were featured on freshly pressed! You really write well, and now so many readers know it! 🙂
    All the best. May you have more hits! 😛

    PS: I would hate to go viral. I will cringe at people looking through my archives.

  3. Totally deserved … and I’m proud to have beaten the crowds for once! Congratulations, Steve. Very cool !

  4. You deserve this Steve. Congrats!

  5. It’s my dream to be Freshly Pressed!!! What’s the secret?

  6. Congratulations! Failure to Fail is still on Freshly Pressed: Today, 12-13-13, your blog is listed as the 21st entry.

  7. Congrats Steve! Well deserved!

  8. I have no idea why but this is a pleasantly amusing post. 😀
    Anyway, Congratulations Steve. 🙂

  9. Or, perhaps, you’re just that good.

  10. Hey, that is awesome. Congrats on being Pressed. That should be a milestone. Think of it as a reward for all those keystrokes full of intensity that have delivered your posts. If it fall after that, oh well. At least you can say that your blog has reached thousands of people. Not all of us can say that. Congrats again and enjoy!

  11. When I typed in “Living with chronic Fatigue Syndrome”, your’s appeared third at the top of the page. I was drawn to it simply because there was a photo and the others didn’t have one. That little extra something and course your writing is fantastic 😉

  12. Well, you have another follower 🙂

  13. I totally got what you were saying.. my blog was also recently Freshly Pressed and I experienced exactly the same thought processes. Initially it was all exciting, but then I got paranoid about how my blog looked and how I should somehow be ‘more’ now that there were a few hundred more followers. But I ended up deciding that there was no point in trying to figure out what people wanted and I just needed to carry on as usual. Presumably people join because they like what they see, so I guess it’s counter-intuitive to change it anyway.

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  15. stevensteelauthor

    So did you get Freshly Pressed again after this? I’m just wondering if it’s possible to get Freshly Pressed twice haha 😀

    • Can lightning strike twice? Yes. Did it strike this blog a second time? No.
      I think you have to write in a particular kind of way to be Freshly Pressed, and I don’t normally write that way.

      • stevensteelauthor

        I see. But at least you got Freshly Pressed once. Cheers to that! Many people (e.g. ME) don’t even get the chanced to be FP-ed. 🙂

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