Most of space is empty. Most of the Earth’s surface is water, ice or desert. Most of the matter in the universe is dark.

Most sexy women are married or way out of your league. Most lottery tickets are duds. Most of the money in the world doesn’t belong to you.

Most people don’t read your blog. Most of the world’s languages you can’t speak. Most of the books that will ever be written, haven’t been, yet. Most of the kind things that could have been said, weren’t.

This holiday season, forget about the things you don’t have and remember the things you do.

19 responses to “Focus

  1. 🙂 love it
    Happy New Year!
    ~ Eric

  2. These are great thoughts as the year comes to a close. Thank you for being one of the infinitesimally few who has ever read my blog. Have a great 2014!

  3. Wonderful way to offer perspective.

  4. Way too pessimistic for my tastes.

    • Oh, it was intended to be optimistic! I must be too cryptic for my own good! I was trying to say that all those things we don’t have don’t matter – there are infinitely many of them. Value the few things (and relationships) that you do have.

  5. I don’t find it pessimistic at all. Am I nuts, or is it just the opposite? It’s like you’re saying,all of this is fact,but does any of it matter?

    I love this. THIS should get freshly pressed.

    You’re my current blog hero.

  6. Ha, thank you, you are being way too nice! Maybe you are nuts after all, LOL. Anyway, I’ve had my turn at being Freshly Pressed – your turn next!

  7. and my only worry is that i don’t have enough ability… my greatest tragedy is that i’m very limited in my ability in using English… inability to learn English at a decent level is my biggest constraint for my mind, my biggest disability… probably i forever remain stupid Pole!

  8. I think this is your best blog yet – and I say that as someone who always looks forward to them! I found it incredibly liberating and uplifting to read; you have a real gift for seeing the bigger picture.

    • Thank you Fan of Dickens! You know, I write this blog mainly for myself (to record thoughts that would otherwise be lost, and to find out what I think about the world), so it is wonderful to think someone else might get something out of it too! I am aware that many of my posts are self-indulgent, narcissistic and didactic, and possibly offensive, but I am trying to raise my game. Kind comments like yours are very inspiring.

  9. This one made me smile! Nice! 🙂

  10. Reblogged this on The End. and commented:
    I’m not even sure what “reblog” does… But it sounds a lot like share, which is what I want to do with this terrific post.

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