Keep just 5 minutes

8hourssleepYou can fit a lot into 24 hours, even allowing 8 of them for sleep (9 in my case.) Time for a lot of stuff. But, supposing I said to you that you could only keep 5 minutes out of the past day. Think carefully. Which 5 minutes would you choose?

15 responses to “Keep just 5 minutes

  1. I would keep five minutes of the hour I spent walking and talking with my husband.

  2. Here’s the thing: I cherish every moment of my life. And here’s some evidence of that:

    So, if this was a test I would happily fail at it. I would walk out of the exam smiling like never before: BECAUSE I cherish every single moment!
    But here’s a question that I will answer in one of my future posts:
    “If you were to take back some five minutes you spent (and thing they were a total waist) today, which would those be?”

  3. I would choose the moment at lunch when my kids told me there’s an island made up entirely of small things (people, animals, trees.) They did this while simultaneously eating and trying to identify birds perched on trees out our back window through the telescope. I died laughing, it was so cute.

  4. The best or most memorable moments of the day would not be what they were if not for the surrounding moments. Life can’t be taken out of context.

    • I think I understand you, Craig. We must do the hard work before we can enjoy the rewards. We must eat all our vegetables before we are allowed to taste the ice cream. Is that what you meant?

  5. the time i spent praying.. it was the most peaceful i felt all day!

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