If animals could talk

So I was just reading about a goldfish that can drive a car and I wondered, what if animals could talk?

What’s that? You want me to explain about the car-driving fish? Oh well it’s all here.

So, just as we use technology to empower ourselves, we can use it to empower animals. We know that animals have thoughts and feelings. People who love their pets already communicate with them in all kinds of ways. What if we could help them to articulate those thoughts more clearly?

I’m not sure how this would work exactly, but could a cat or a dog use an iPad? Could a dog select images with its paw or its nose to communicate with us? If the physical dexterity limitations could be overcome, I’m sure they would catch on

So, anyone with me on this? I’m thinking of registering SmartDog and iCat or something as trademarks. Then all we need is a way to make it happen. After all, if a goldfish can drive a car, anything’s possible.

19 responses to “If animals could talk

  1. Well, cats can apparently watch cat videos, haha…

    In all seriousness, though, it depends on whether or not animals can really “learn” these things, I suppose…it’s definitely an interesting thought, the whole SmartDog and iCat thingamajig…I’m just thinking aloud now, haha..

  2. And cats know how to be king!

    Though what’d be interesting is to think: if animals can learn sign language or learn how to use an iPad, for instance, what makes them any less human than we are? Probably a controversial thought, but still… 😛

    • I think the answer is that although some animals can learn, they don’t appear to teach their skills to other animals, or to develop new skills. That means that they remain fixed in their current state. Every bluebird has the same skills and capabilities as every other bluebird.

      Humans are different. We learn, we teach, we pass on our thoughts verbally and in written form, we build on what others have discovered. In short, we have culture, and this is one of the most powerful forces ever unleashed.

      • That’s true, and here’s a potentially stupid question (since I’m anything but an animal expert, let alone an intellectual): do you think there is, by any chance at all in this world, that animals do in fact pass on and develop their skills that we don’t notice and instead pass off as some animalistic trait? Again, just thinking aloud here 😛

        • Well birds know how to build nests and beavers build dams, but I don’t know if they learn those skills from their parents or if they just know. But I’m pretty certain that they don’t develop those skills – birds don’t develop improved building techniques for example.

  3. It’s almost like the fish + the mobile aquarium is a new entity. If you set up a dog with a speech translator, the dog itself wouldn’t understand speech, except in as much as it applied to its world, but the dog + translator would. Chinese room from a different angle?

  4. Also, cats can play piano.

    Is there evidence that the fish is “consciously” goes where it “wants” to go? Or is it just a car following the random movements of a fish?

    • Very Avant-Garde. You can tell that the cat really “feels” the music. It also demonstrates that the cat has the dexterity to play the keys.

      As for the fish, I don’t know if it really understands what it is doing or not. It’s hard to tell from the video. I have some goldfish in my garden pond, and I can tell you that the idea that their memory lasts just 3 seconds is completely false. They are pretty smart, I reckon.

    • Love this thAnk you! Very musical cat, you can tell she feels the notes….Any piano teachers here to advise us on authenticity?

  5. Not sure about the goldfish, but my cat, (most domestic cats) can talk. She has a broad vocabulary and understands fairly complex words, like ‘disappointed’, ‘posh nosh’, ‘bedtime’ and ‘roll for me I missed you’. Her tone of miaowing is also quite varied and can say different things- it’s just a matter of listening…. God, I need to get out more,

  6. ‘Talk’ in this case is a bit confusing. Communicate though is a different word with a different story. And I definitely think that they can communicate… if there ever was a doubt. The video with the fish says little to nothing about the fish. The one with the cat… now that is beautiful!

  7. We all love the cat video. Anyone doesn’t like the cat or the video, come and see me.

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