Spring is near

115_1545I was out frolicking in the garden this morning before work, and I couldn’t stop myself from taking photos. Although it’s still Winter, there are signs of Spring everywhere. Bulbs are thrusting up through the soil, buds are poised ready to open, and some early flowers are already brightening up the dark days of February. Very soon it will be peak growing time here in the garden, but for now everything is on the cusp, waiting …


Daffodils emerge from among the dead leaves of Autumn.


A splash of colour among the stones.


Into the woods.


Buds on the quince trees.


Primrose (Prima Rosa) – the first rose.


Cutting back the buddleia makes it grow even stronger.


Don’t rest on your laurels!


A ladybird enjoys the warmth of the sun.


Sedum shoots delicately emerge from the soil.


Daffodils by the oak tree.


Soon these bare branches will be a green canopy.


Don’t go into the woods!

20 responses to “Spring is near

  1. This sceptred isle … I’m still getting over the image of you frolicking. I rather like it. Spring is no where to be see in New York … and I do mean no where. Sigh. Does Spring usually come to England in February?

  2. You ve got a quince tree? Sooo jealous.

  3. No signs of Spring here in DC/VA! Only winter winter winter! The weather man is calling for another polar vortext next week and more snow seems inevitable here. Your pictures are lovely, pictures of an English garden. It makes me wish I were back in London 🙂 Spring was my favorite time of the year in England.

  4. That’s such a beautiful garden!

  5. Many thanks! These are joyful pictures, and “frolic” is one of my favourite words. Maybe you could post some more on March 20th, the official first day of Spring?

  6. Beautiful. Ready to go hiking and camping.

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    • Stan, Laws of Physics. Not sure exactly what the question is. To me, the laws of physics are something we invented. Does Boyle’s Law really describe a gas, or is it just a very good approximation of the behaviour of a mind-blowing number of chaotic particles doing just whatever they fell like?

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    • No question is ever stupid. The only stupidity is to not ask questions! Perhaps you can find suitable blog posts to ask your questions. I have written a lot about science, etc, so you will probably find a good page to ask me your questions.

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