Ingredients for a miracle

  • 35kg water
  • 16kg carbon
  • 12kg oxygen
  • 3kg hydrogen
  • 1kg each of nitrogen, calcium and phosphorus
  • A sprinkle of potassium, sulphur and sodium
  • About a dozen trace elements

Be very careful not to spill the potassium in the water. Keep the phosphorus well away from naked flames.

Mix the ingredients together, following the detailed instructions you can find inside any cell of your own body. If blood terrifies you (like it does me) ask a grown-up to help with this part.

Hey presto! It is a miracle!


12 responses to “Ingredients for a miracle

  1. The reductionist illusion. In this case, the whole does not seem to be a sum of components. Neither can a living organism be assembled like a machine in a series of production steps.

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