Leek chic

welshflagHappy Saint David’s Day to all Welsh, part-Welsh and non-Welsh people!

I am Welsh, my wife is non-Welsh, and my children are part-Welsh. In a single family, we have covered all possible ethnic bases.

You know that I hate nationalism in all its forms, but I’m sure you’ll agree that Wales has the best national anthem ever:

What else does Wales have?

  • The highest concentration of castles in the world – a tribute to our ancient fighting spirit (and our oppression by the English – boo, hiss!)
  • A national vegetable – the leek.
  • Some beautiful mountains, and a lot of wind and rain.
  • A fire-breathing dragon as our national symbol!
  • A language that does not contain a word for “yes”.

So Happy Saint David’s Day to you, and don’t forget to click “like” if you think Wales is cool.

16 responses to “Leek chic

  1. happy day, happy weekend

  2. I had braised leeks with poached eggs as my appetizer for my B-day dinner last night !

  3. I’ve been to Wales on many occasions. Many fond childhood memories of summers spent in South Wales; love the place. However one thing I cannot agree with is… THE WATER!!!

  4. You really don’t have a word for Yes? Dragons and castles, how much fun. Sounds like a wonderful place to visit.

  5. Fan of Dickens

    I am curious about how Welsh-speaking people manage when they want to express the idea behind “yes”. Do they say “Absolutely!” or “I agree!” for example? Do they find the word “yes” too vague and limiting, in the same way that those living in freezing temperatures use many words for what we would call snow?

    • Is it possible to answer a question without the word yes? It is!
      Can you do it in English? You can!
      Isn’t it irksome or tedious? It is a little!
      Is it inefficient and unfit for the 21st century? It quite possibly is!

  6. Fan of Dickens

    Did that make me laugh? It did!

  7. Fan of Dickens

    I will forbear from asking that question then! However, there is something which, try as I might, (and I cringe at my own cheek) that I simply have to request. May I borrow the title “Leek Chic” for a recipe I have devised? I am writing a cookery book and the wordplay in that title is hard to resist. I promise I would give you due credit, should you agree, and of course you have these words as proof!

    • A case of leek cheek! Of course you can use the title – I do not own these words! I would be flattered and there is absolutely no need for credit. Writing a cookery book? That sounds interesting. Do let me know when it’s finished.

  8. Fan of Dickens

    Thanks so much! I will let you know when it is ready. I need to do some leek tweaking (groan)!

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