How to get more blog followers

When I started blogging, I told all my friends about my blog and I shared my posts on Facebook. But sadly my friends had zero interest in reading my innermost thoughts, feelings and desires. Not even my mother read my blog. Reader, I wept.

However, after a few posts I noticed something very interesting. Complete strangers were reading my blog posts and liking them. Some liked my blog so much that they even followed it. I was a celeb!

At first, I would gain typically one new follower for every post I made. Progress was slow. But after 100 posts, I again noticed something interesting. Now I was gaining two or three new followers every time I published a post.

Now, after 150 posts, the number of people following my blog grows by 10 to 20 for every post I make and I’m on track to hit 1,000 followers by the end of this month.

If you’re hot on maths (or math, as my American fellow bloggers like to say), you’ll recognise this as exponential growth. The cool thing about exponential growth is the way it keeps getting better. Yay! Soon the entire blogging universe will be mine. Mwah, hah hah!

So the key to success in blogging is patience.

Hold on. I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking I pulled the wool over your eyes. I didn’t really explain just how this exponential growth takes place. What is the secret?

The secret is that there is no secret. I’m not doing anything now that I wasn’t doing at the start. I write articles that interest me, and I write to the best of my ability. I add tags to each post and I share them on Twitter. I no longer bother to tell my friends about them or to share my blog on Facebook.

Instead, my followers promote my blog on my behalf. They share it on Facebook. They tweet it. They Google Plus it. They like it, they reblog it and they leave interesting comments. That’s why the growth is exponential. The more followers you have, the more they share it and the faster your blog grows.

I can’t promise that your blog will grow at the same speed as mine. It may grow faster or it may grow slower. But I promise you that if you persist and have patience, then your blog will grow.

147 responses to “How to get more blog followers

  1. To add more straw to the basket , my friend, you need to have a simple blog, with easy to read text just like those in my site, the number of post does not matter but its quality does, for you to get noticed you must use words or pictures that have not been used often, be patient,know your goal and that’s it.

  2. Thanks for that interesting article! I really enjoy writing and I love my blog, but I still only have 15 followers, which is a bit disappoitning sometimes since i am puttting all my heart into it and I really think that my articles are good…but I guess you are right, maybe I just have to be patient. If anymone of you guys is interested in language, traveling and philosophical articles I would really appreciate if you drooped by my blog

    • Hi Maria, thanks for your comments. You have a great blog. Stick with it and it will grow! Also, try tagging your posts, as this will give them more visibility in the WordPress reader.

  3. It’s definitely frustrating trying to get new readers! I feel like I’ve tried everything. But I’m patient and hopeful my blog will grow!

  4. I just started a blog about 10 days ago and I can’t wait for my first follower! I really hope that at least a few people want to read it.

  5. Hello Steve,
    I just started a blog, I share there experiences from my recent travel to Iceland with a baby and a 5 years old. I decided to write about things I wanted to know myself before going to Iceland but I couldn’t find them online, so now I want to help other people with my knowledge. I can see people looking at my blog but no one, except of one person, ever comments it, so I don’t know if my blog is any good, interesting or worthless. I would love to have some hint if people like it or not. I don’t know how to encourage people to let me know if they like it. And of course I would like to have many people to read it.

    • Isabella, I’m sure that your blog will grow as you continue to write. Nobody wrote a comment on my blog for at least a year!
      I see that your blog just started this month. That’s far too early to expect results. Give it time and it will grow!

  6. Thanks for the article, very encouraging. I started my blog a few weeks ago and I’ve gotten quite a high number of page views but it doesn’t seem to be translating into followers for some reason. Do you have any further tips on how to increase my number of followers, or should I continue with the waiting game? Would appreciate it if you drop my blog as well, 🙂

  7. Patience really is key! Thank you, this was helpful!

  8. Good advice. It helps me to know that patience is a virtue. I wonder if another way to get more followers is to leave a link in your comments. If so, here’s mine:

    • Actually, leaving a link in comments is a good way to get your comment blocked. Any more like this and they will go in the Trash option. Nothing personal, DJ, just seeing a trend emerging in these comments.

  9. Lovely post. Your advice is sound. Patience, hard word and relevance. You’ve done a great job. Thanks for sharing.

  10. Wow Thank you so much. I really needed this article. What you talked about is exactly what I am going through myself. It has been a slow but steady growth. I know now that I am really on track and I need to relax. Now I can go to sleep lol ^_^ Thank you very very much for writing this article. It was very helpful.

  11. I hope that will happen to me 2! Thank youuu

  12. Argh! Blogging is teaching me that good things come to those that wait. It’s a big learning curve. I have trouble being patient! Even after thre kids.
    Facing me on Facebook – Coffee First. From there, you can read my blog on Blogger. It’s only early days yet.

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  14. So you just blog and the content you create gets more and more traffic?? Thank goodness because I thought I was doing something wrong lol.

    Very inspirational post.

    • To be honest, my traffic seems to have levelled out now, but that’s perhaps because I’m blogging less often due to other pressures. What I do have is a regular group of people who comment on my posts, which is a very rewarding place to be. Hope you get the success you’re hoping for!

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  16. So you are saying write and wait! I have just started a blog of mine, and I am not getting any visitors. I hope than soon I will have some nice people visiting my place. 🙂

  17. Sorry, I find this completely misleading. This does not happen to most people. I know hundreds of bloggers, some of them are making great money. this is not the norm. How do most people get ahead – they pay for it. Boosting Facebook pets, ads via Twitter, competitions via Instagram. Pinterest – not a lot of interest. Depends on your blog. Tumblr and Google + – once again, more ads. Tv networks, radio – its all $$$$$

    when it comes down to it you want to stand out from the rest. Am I right? It doesn’t matter how great your content is if no can find you. It doesn’t matter how perfect and high res your photos are if no one can find you. Your Youtube acc, Social Media accounts – you have to be found. to do that, you have to pay for it – sorry, any successful blogger will tell you the same thing. Unless they are trying to “sell” you something 🙂

    My Romance Addiction blog

    • JulieAnn, thanks for your comments, but you seem to be misunderstanding me. My blog doesn’t make any money and I don’t intend for it to make money. If I wanted to run it as a business, I wouldn’t write about science, or politics, or religion. This is a place where I can write whatever I want. I have no intention of advertising my site, running competitions, or anything similar. It is 100% about content and 0% about social media, facebook adverts, or suchlike. I already regard myself as a successful blogger, and I have no desire to “get ahead.”

  18. Thank You very much for such a great post. I had just started my blog but I am very worried because of not having followers. But after reading this I think I will go on how I am and will keep patience and will definitely reach my goal. Thank you again.

  19. I just started a teen blog and I really want to gain more followers! So… Im ready!

  20. Thanks for the encouragement- I think it will be about a year before I reach the 100th blog… I’ve just started a music blog, and I’m following the same path. Cheers! 🙂

  21. Love this article! Great advice, thanks! 🙂

  22. The funniest, simplest, most honest article I have read on ‘how to get followers’. Thank you for the laugh…’ I wept’. Brilliant.

  23. Hi All. I am a bit clueless with the IT settings of my new blog☺️
    So last night I received 2000 views for my no bake cheesecake recipe but no one is following me… I am not sure but do I have to do something in my settings to let them follow me easier?

  24. Hi Steve!
    Thanks for this reminder – good things come to those who wait, or something like that. To echo amakvitaa’s ‘adding straw to the basket’ (never heard of that turn of phrase!), it is almost of elementary importance that the content be easily digestible!
    I’ve gone about my own blog entirely wrongly I think. I get readers, but no one (aside from some generous souls) comments! I started the ‘blog’ (I can’t even really call it a proper blog) in order to get disagreements and feedback on the ideas I was exposing but, like your early days, I’ve met the ‘wall of silence’ head-on. I don’t know what it is about my topic of choice, but it seems to mystify or repel some readers – or maybe I’m just too ‘intense’ (I get to complex ideas too quickly?).
    Have you seen some of my posts? Might I glean some insight as to what/where I’m going wrong? By all means, feel free to e-mail me if you do feel so inclined.
    Thank you so much!
    Kind regards,


    • Hi Tom,
      Thanks for your comment, but I’m not sure I’m a good person to ask for advice. I’m hardly a celeb. I notice that your blog articles delve very deeply into difficult topics and possibly intimidate people from commenting. Your popular tags include Cataphatic, Adjacency, and Lisp Programming, so perhaps a compact audience is to be expected! Nevertheless, I think you should write about what you want, because your own passion for your blog is its foundation.

      • Hi Steve,
        Thanks for taking the time – though ‘celeb’ or not, at this point anyone is the right person to ask for advice. Above that, someone with more than a year’s blogging under his/her belt is preferable anyway 🙂 I agree that my topics do turn away ‘the average Joe’ which is not exactly surprising. My blog is in need of an overhaul (or even as far as a complete do-over) nevertheless and I will get around to it once my own ideas are better developed. Because my passion is indeed entangled in these topics now, but my drive is to open them out to a wider audience in the end. I think I might’ve started the blog too early in my own process of discovery maybe.
        When I do rework it, I’ll let you know. In the meantime I’ll lurk here and draw inspiration – you’re good at that 🙂
        Thanks again and all the best,

  25. Amazing post. It is clear that you should focus on content. If you give quality content then people will love you and also follow you.

  26. Great Post. I Have a blog geared towards Children with Special Needs but am yet to get my Audience/Followers. its disappointing at times but i know my purpose for starting the blog. I hope it materializes one day

  27. Great Post.Thank You very much for such a great post. I started my blog for a long time now, but I am very worried because of not having followers. But after reading this I think I will be pateince.

  28. This was helpful esp to me a new blogger! Thanks for posting this!

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  30. there’s a perfect time for everything….
    anyway me tooI’m just starting creating there’s anyone who want to help and guide me? thank you in advance guys.^_^

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