How to get more blog followers

When I started blogging, I told all my friends about my blog and I shared my posts on Facebook. But sadly my friends had zero interest in reading my innermost thoughts, feelings and desires. Not even my mother read my blog. Reader, I wept.

However, after a few posts I noticed something very interesting. Complete strangers were reading my blog posts and liking them. Some liked my blog so much that they even followed it. I was a celeb!

At first, I would gain typically one new follower for every post I made. Progress was slow. But after 100 posts, I again noticed something interesting. Now I was gaining two or three new followers every time I published a post.

Now, after 150 posts, the number of people following my blog grows by 10 to 20 for every post I make and I’m on track to hit 1,000 followers by the end of this month.

If you’re hot on maths (or math, as my American fellow bloggers like to say), you’ll recognise this as exponential growth. The cool thing about exponential growth is the way it keeps getting better. Yay! Soon the entire blogging universe will be mine. Mwah, hah hah!

So the key to success in blogging is patience.

Hold on. I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking I pulled the wool over your eyes. I didn’t really explain just how this exponential growth takes place. What is the secret?

The secret is that there is no secret. I’m not doing anything now that I wasn’t doing at the start. I write articles that interest me, and I write to the best of my ability. I add tags to each post and I share them on Twitter. I no longer bother to tell my friends about them or to share my blog on Facebook.

Instead, my followers promote my blog on my behalf. They share it on Facebook. They tweet it. They Google Plus it. They like it, they reblog it and they leave interesting comments. That’s why the growth is exponential. The more followers you have, the more they share it and the faster your blog grows.

I can’t promise that your blog will grow at the same speed as mine. It may grow faster or it may grow slower. But I promise you that if you persist and have patience, then your blog will grow.

147 responses to “How to get more blog followers

  1. Thank you for posting this article it was really interesting!

  2. Reblogged this on Find the Factors and commented:
    Shortly after I started blogging, Steve found me and became a leader in my cheering section. Even after the number of HIS followers grew exponentially, he still finds some time to show me support.

    Here he writes a very encouraging post with a mathematical element that I think all bloggers should read.

  3. I’ve been wanting to ask you questions on this….I think this should do. However, is there anyway I could contact you personally if need be?

  4. I am at the 1-2 followers each post phase, but I am so grateful to these people, who, you’re right, are strangers. I have only been reblogged once, but what a feeling! I especially love hearing back. I enjoy your posts!

    Best regards,

  5. Lol! You’re a riot “Not even my mother read my blog…” I know what you mean–same experience here. Only strangers read mine–course some I had to say ‘how come never like my stuff?’ (hmmm? 🙂 ) Great post!

  6. Nobody I actually know in my form life reads my blog… not sure about up there. Congrats… finally, I can like one of your posts again.
    ~ Eric

    • Hi Eric, sorry my posts are so unlikeable. I don’t try to be controversial – oh, actually I probably do, but I always strive to be interesting or entertaining too.

      • oh, its not a problem. Some tendency to deny possibilities of divine reality or to perpetuate anti-religious memes is not not bothersome really.
        As you point out, the posts that you are sharing are popular.
        If I work twice as hard, I may get half the result.
        Its all good.
        ~ Eric

  7. Thanks for posting this Steve.

  8. Reblogged this on Addie All Over and commented:
    I feel somedays blogging is the bane of my existence. I have very few followers and somedays I’m so frustrated that I have to start over at least three times. Slowly but surely, I feel like I’m gaining an audience. So if nothing else, blogging has been a monumental patience exercise. So glad to know that I’m on the right road and developing a character trait that will help me later in life.

    • Thanks for the reblog.I think the key to blogging is to write for yourself. Don’t try to please others, for who knows what pleases other people? Write about stuff that interests you, and surely you will find an audience. Size isn’t important anyway.

  9. “Mwah, hah hah!” Hilarious!!! Am I the only one who thought it was funny?
    Keep doing what you’re doing! 🙂

    • Thank you tresbeinq, I hope that others found (parts of) it funny too. I do wonder, when I lurch from serious stuff to silly stuff, do people know that I’ve shifted gear and am cracking a joke? I have no idea.

  10. Reblogged this on Here be thoughts and commented:
    To all those strangers who read and like and follow my blog. Thank you! You’re the reason why I write.

  11. I want a badge that says “Steve’s first fan” so that it’s official, and so that if you ever become a bigger blogging star I get swift entry and royal treatment and free signed copies.. 😛

  12. Fan of Dickens

    I think another key to attracting followers is writing about a variety of subjects. I found your blog by accident when looking for information about Okinawa and signed up after spotting other subjects tackled of interest.

  13. In my blog, I just write about whatever comes into my head but you’ve probably gathered that. 🙂 I don’t worry about likes, however, I really really like comments, as it sort of creates a conversation. I love reading your blog Steve and I was hoping you’d blog something about your thoughts On the current situation with Russia and Ukrainian.

    • Agreed. Likes are a distraction, conversations are interesting. Ukraine? It would be foolish for me to comment on something I know little about, but it seems to me that all sides have adopted a confrontational stance and worsened a difficult situation.

  14. The fact is that your writing is a pleasure to read. As far as your graph goes (hey, nice graphic, how did you do that?) does this mean that your growth is happening by some factor of e?
    I just posted my 150th post too, It feels good.

  15. I am with first not even my mum, bf, cat or dog nor close friends wanted to read my material….Thanks for your honest and truthful account!

    • This seems like a common experience. Bloggers need to get over this fact very quickly or risk their sense of self worth. I’m still struggling to understand why though. Not even your cat, you say? That sucks!

  16. Steve, I love that this was so easy to read–like you had written it for me personally! Thank you!

    dance a real

  17. Superb, what a blog it is! This weblog provides valuable information to us, keep
    itt up.

  18. An interesting post Steve. I started blogging because I wanted to learn about blogging! I started my blog to organise my thoughts and resources I find useful – and then some other Maths teachers found it and it seems to be useful to them as well! Very rewarding.

    • Doing something is always the best way to learn. I find the best thing about blogging is that it enables me to record and develop my most introspective and transient thoughts, but it’s great when others decide to tag along for the ride too!

  19. highcastlecrafts

    Blogging on a variety of topics is the same as interacting with your friends. You don’t have everything in common with any other them. You hang out and talk about your shared interests. Sometimes you find areas of commonality that you didn’t know you had, so it’s always good to explore various subjects. You have a solid foundation, though, to which you can always return. (Did you notice that sentence did not end with a dangling preposition?)

  20. Very interesting. I am very happy to see that you succeeded so well. On my blog I gain a lot of views on each of my posts, but I am currently stuck on followers and have barely made any new followers. I will follow your tip though, I’ll be patient and hang in there!

  21. ha! glad to see there is hope! it’s been a week and a half, I am impatient 🙂 But beyond thankful for the 28 followers i have now! #stickingwithit

  22. Hmm I guess patience is the answer. Hopefully I have enough of it! Thank you for this awesome post; made me realize that not everything has a fast turn around.

  23. Waaa… going by my stats I only an average of 25 people will read any of my posts (thats if they’re even real people and those spider things. Yuck, spiders!) and rarely anyone leaves a comment… I simply don’t know if my writing is any good… but I want to keep going. I wish to be crowned queen of the internet!! Read me here and tell me what you think, I’ll get you a cup of tea and slice of cake…

  24. I’m glad you said that there is no secret to blogging and gaining followers. Every blogger is different and has a unique story. I think the important thing is for us to find what works for us and just go with it. 🙂

  25. I am a new blogger. I find myself going nuts with researching on how to increase my traffic. I can also relate with you about friends and family not reading or commenting on my blog. I know I’m going to have to rely on strangers for that. I do get a bit impatient when I don’t see comments. I’m a comment lover too lol. Reading your post definitely made me feel better and reminded me that I have to have patience. My friends and family often use the cliche’ on me “Rome wasn’t built in a day.” My response to them has always been, “Well my Rome was.” Haha, I know I’ve got to get passed that. Thank you again for your helpful post and take care..

  26. I’m a beginner blogger and just started the other way. Oh my, you have no idea, how happy I am when I got to read this, it’s not that I concern about the number of followers I have, but it’s feels sort of pointless posting when no one reads it right? But of course, I didn’t blog for that reason, I blogged because I wanted to have an extension of my life.

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts, I’m relieved.

    • If you write articles that you enjoy then you will find an audience. If you write just to please others, you may lose interest in your writing yourself.
      Personally I view my blog as a kind of public diary. I write stuff I want to write and if others enjoy reading, that’s cool.
      When you look back a year from now you will value your own writing and your personal journey far more than the number of followers you’ve picked up.

  27. I have been blogging for two months now. I have written 26 blogs but I only have 8 followers. :/ My last blog is at 1,265 views and my other ones are 90 and less views. I have been trying to put it out there to crowds where it will catch my readers interests but I don’t know if I should continue the way I was going because I kind of need other people to be included and I am getting a cricket ovation.

  28. Haha, I really recogize the feeling of friends and my mother not being interested! 🙂 And I smiled when I read that. Thanks!

  29. Thanks for the great article! I am new to blogging, and things are going great… I just want it bigger, faster! I’ll have to learn patience.

  30. Hi I’m using blogger at the moment is it even possible for people to follow my blog? I’m getting high traffic but it doesn’t seem to mean anything. Any advice would be great for a newbie.

  31. Same thing with my friends. Good luck

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  33. None of my friends read my blog…I did exactly the same thing, linking to Facebook. In a way it’s kind of nice to have a whole new set of friends, though, isn’t it? A secret circle!

  34. Very interesting read, and some good points made. Still struggling to increase my followers, but will just keep perserving and posting regularily.

  35. Very inspiring since I am just beginning to become a blogger! Thanks!

  36. I just started a blog and your article has given me a lot of hope. Thanks

  37. I recently started a new blog and like you shared it on my FB page. Although, my friends showed their support by “liking” my posts, this did not convert into blog followers. I was disappointed, until I came across this post of yours. It has brought back some hope… Thanks. 🙂

  38. Tx a lot for this post

  39. My husband reads my blog, I guess that’s a bonus then! Lol ☺️

  40. I don’t even read my own blog sometimes!

  41. Thank you, I have just started blogging and this is really reassuring!

  42. Thanks for this. I have 10 posts and 8 followers. I just started blogging last month. My growth isn’t as fast as yours but hopefully it will get there. I’ve fallen in love with the blogging world and can’t get enough of other blogs either!

  43. Wow, it seems to be quite common that friends don’t bother reading other friends’ blogs. My family on the other side of the world claim they like reading about my life; I mainly enjoy having somewhere to expose my personal photography, LOL. What I don’t understand is how you get strangers. I can’t find my own blog on Google when I know what specific words to search. How can anybody else manage to come across it?

  44. Nice to hear you get lots of followers but your article didn’t really explain how you get them in the first place. After 26 posts I haven’t had any visitors to my blog, and I also have no google plus followers or twitter followers, so guess I proved just writing a post and tagging it is does not necessarily get followers. Lol

  45. Interesting post, i’ve been writing quite abit, but somehow find it hard to get followers as well. I guess there is no magic formula to blogging or starting a website

  46. Great article! I think also followers on a blog may be more apt to read and spend time on a blog instead of a follow for follow. I could be wrong, I’m new. 🙂

  47. Good article, but i was expecting few suggestions for getting more followers. Anyway its an informative post though.

  48. so true steves..Even I get less followers like may be 1 every post..I post really taking long gaps may be thats one reason…thanks anyways and do ream me on

  49. Thanks for this, it really made my day. To think that it is just about waiting and patience and not about going crazy with social media makes me feel a lot better. Maybe I’ll hit 16 followers today! 🙂

  50. Hey Steve, thanks for sharing your story and it really teaches a lot. Even I’m new to blogging and finding it difficult to get readers as well as followers. But as you said its all about Patience and being persistence I’ll surly give it more time.
    As I’ve always seen struggle plays a very important part in success, I’m sure one day I’ll reach this number. Thanx once again.

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