Spring is here!

115_1570Today is the Spring Equinox, and by popular request, I am posting some more photos of the garden. As you can see, Spring really has arrived in Oxford!

You may be interested to know that the date of the Spring Equinox varies from year to year. This year it is the 20th March, which happens to be our wedding anniversary here at Chez Morris. 21 years of marriage, which feels more like 21 days!

Today the sun is at its zenith over the equator, the flowers are growing in the garden and Margarita and I visited the Cezanne exhibition at the Ashmolean Museum in Oxford. Life is good!

115_1572 115_1574 115_1575 115_1577 115_1578 115_1584 115_1588 115_1593 115_1594



14 responses to “Spring is here!

  1. Whoa! Are those your cement door guarders? Imposing! Congrats your anniversary. And, boy am I envious of your garden. Just beautiful! I had one like that before I moved from IL to NY (pics of it will be featured in my blog posts as part of the A to Z Challenge in April.) Now its mostly shrubs and pots of annuals for me. I’m also jealous of your warmth. It’s 30 here and dropping, with more snow expected. Ugh!

  2. Happy first day of Spring to you!!

  3. Ah, and it’s spring in Upstate New York….last night we had a blizzard, My son, driving in from Buffalo, got within 35 miles of home, could no longer see the road because of snow mixed with freezing rain, and had to stop at a motel for the night. Today we’re all covered with slushy snow. Spring is something we still have to look forward to!

  4. Love this- and cherry blossoms are the best. I had no idea though that you were interested in London ss14 fashion trends, which is really my domain…

  5. Fan of Dickens

    Happy Anniversary! Your garden is breathtaking; as Spring is no time to be jealous, I am struggling hard not to be so as I look at my postage stamp, especially as it lovely to hear how much you are enjoying life! Cezanne is just the business . . . .must go on a pilgrimage to Oxford.

    • Thank you! My intention was not to make people jealous, but simply to share joy! Next time I will take photos of my weeds and the mole hills on the lawn and seek some pity instead!

  6. Oh dear, I feel bad now! I didn’t for a minute think it was your intention to seek envy! Spring needs to be celebrated.

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