Rules for truthseekers

1. Don’t trust other people.
2. Don’t trust yourself.
3. Don’t trust God.
4. Don’t trust these rules.

Did you notice how rules 2, 3 and 4 all follow from rule 1? Neat, huh? Especially if you enjoy a good paradox.

8 responses to “Rules for truthseekers

  1. Interesting, though I don’t really get it…

  2. It’s like saying, “I always lie.”

  3. Don’t believe anything you read in the comments.

  4. Fan of Dickens

    I am not sure I get it either. Is the implication that both trust and truth are relative and/or subjective and therefore neither can be trusted?

    • Oh dear, this post doesn’t seem to be working. I was just saying that if you are seeking the truth, you need to be skeptical and critical, and that includes being self-critical and questioning your own beliefs and assumptions. Now that I’ve spelled it out, it seems rather prosaic.

  5. Lesson – putting your thoughts in writing and inviting others to comment on them is a very good discipline for self-improvement! For me, this has been the best thing about blogging – getting feedback on my ideas and thoughts. Thank you to everyone who has commented!

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