Music for Easter

As Good Friday approaches, the music I love to listen to most is Bach’s St John Passion. That’s not because I’m religious, but because I love this music and it was written for Easter. Although it’s in German and I don’t understand a word, I can hear the passion in the music and in the human voices that sing the words.

Religious and devotional music and art tap into a deep part of the human psyche. It moves me.

A lot of the time I listen to religious choral music. One of my all-time favourites is Mozart’s Requiem. There is no event so terrible that listening to this will not lessen its awfulness.

But if you prefer to be terrorized into oblivion, you could try the Dies Irae fromVerdi’s Requiem. If you dare.

After listening to that you may feel the need to open the gates of Heaven itself and allow John Tavener’s Eternity’s Sunrise to soothe your soul.

If you’re a beginner in this field and would like to sample something more modern and gently spiritual, then the inspirational Eric Whitacre is a good place to start. Play the video below and listen to his awesome internet chorus performing the haunting Lux Aurumque. It’s worth watching for the visuals alone. Go on, watch it. It’s a treat!

7 responses to “Music for Easter

  1. I love Eric Whitacre’s Virtual Choirs! The most recent one was a little too new agey for my taste, but Lux Arumque and Sleep were done so, so well.

    You would probably also enjoy Arvo Part’s choral compositions. This one’s my favorite ( – it’s got a great, ominous easter feel.

  2. I really enjoyed that, it’s so beautiful. And the first time I’ve seen a video of a ‘virtual choir’. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Fan of Dickens

    Thank you. It was incredibly moving.

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