The ultimate luxury

astonmartinWhat is the ultimate luxury? Gold? Diamonds? An Aston Martin? A private jet to fly you to your Caribbean island? Maybe something more modest – chocolate, a hot bath?

Some say that time is the ultimate luxury. And simplicity is supposed to be the ultimate sophistication.

Time can’t really be a luxury though. A true luxury must be frivolous and wasteful – either wasteful of money or of resources.

Could it be that blogging is the ultimate luxury? Blogging certainly wastes a lot of time. And it is frivolous, or at least it doesn’t usually earn any money.

But we are social animals, and with a blog we can be sociable with the whole world. We can express our true feelings and thoughts, and let others respond with their own.

Or not. Because on a blog we don’t have to tell the truth. We can make stuff up. I can tell you that I am a sex god:


And that I live here:


And that I wrote this book:


And if I don’t like any of your comments, I can just delete them.

Because blogging is power, and on this blog, I am ruler. I decide what to talk about and how to say it. I can tell you my innermost thoughts and I can make true confessions. I can bore you with my political and religious opinions and I can go off on a didactic rant.

If you don’t like what I say, I don’t care, because I am the Blog Master! I am the Supreme Being of my Blogosphere! All power and knowledge is mine!

But if you do like what I say, then I will like you too. And I am humbled and awed each time someone clicks the like or follow button on my blog. So, perhaps blogging really is the ultimate luxury.

If you threatened to take away my blog or take away my chocolate, I would beg to keep my blog (and a tiny corner of chocolate too, please, please?)

13 responses to “The ultimate luxury

  1. Fan of Dickens

    Another luxury: reading your post instead of doing the hovering, which is what I should be doing. Great exuberant blog, by the way!

  2. I never thought about my blog as the “ultimate luxury,” but I believe you are absolutely correct. Through my blog, I am the master of my cyber domain, king of my virtual world.

  3. I think that time IS luxury for sure! You said it had to be frivolous to qualify, well, how you spend your time could be judged frivolous by someone who makes different choices, so it’s a very loose definition that allows everything depending on who’s judging! I’d say the ultimate luxury is:
    o be able TO BUY TIME to do whatever you want (blogging, or anything else) as well as to be able to say NO to any idiotic boss/work situation and stay out of toxic contexts/ power games that are part and parcel of nearly any working-for-others environment!

    • Yes, time is certainly a luxury. I suppose that each of us is allocated the same amount of time – 24 hours every day – and we use it in different ways. Most of us are forced to exchange some of it for money, but that still leaves some left to our discretion. Choosing to blog (or read blogs) is surely a luxury!

  4. Bwahaha! I knew I was the Supreme Ruler of something…I just hadn’t figured out what yet. Thank you for enlightening me. 😉 (Awesome post, by the way!)

  5. If you don’t like what I have to say I will like you anyway, Steve, because I choose to. I choose to because I see that you have intrinsic value as an intelligent being. As far as the greatest luxury, for me it is the art of detachment, not feeling like I need to hold myself accountable to anyone, not feeling obligated to anyone, not feeling emotionally hurt by criticism of others, and having the freedom to walk away from negative situations with the goal of maintaining my inner peace, learning how to take care of my needs first. Right now I have cancer which emotionally plagued me when I first realized it hence the video blog where I irrationally ruminated the welfare of my children. But now I have regained my rationality and see death for what it is, an inescapable fact that nothing bad will come of it as long as I choose to view it as a neutral transition of my life. My children will be okay. Their lives will go on. One day they too will die. They will be okay without me. I’m at peace with that. The choice of inner freedom is my luxury.

  6. W. K. Tucker

    I also feel honored when someone “likes” or “follows” my blog. 🙂

  7. you are one funny man!

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