Reviews needed

51JzBmdq88L._BO2,204,203,200_PIsitb-sticker-v3-big,TopRight,0,-55_SX278_SY278_PIkin4,BottomRight,1,22_AA300_SH20_OU02_This is another post about my book. Sorry. I just needed to get it off my chest and tell someone. I told my goldfish about it, but they were so not interested.

I published my book three weeks ago and I’ve been looking forward to reading any reviews that might appear on Amazon. Well I got my first review, but it’s a little negative. In fact, it’s extremely negative:

Poorly written
What a joke. I am so sorry that I purchased this book. I can’t imagine who would actually enjoy it.

OK. I can handle that. I know that not everyone will like my book. Fair enough. But it’s a little disappointing to see it written down.

However, I know that this review is not entirely accurate. I know that because I also adapted my book as a radio play and sent it to the BBC. They liked it enough to send me a detailed reply:

This is a refreshingly offbeat radio drama that pairs a domestic drama about a struggling marriage with Indian gods and pseudo reincarnation. The different elements fit together surprisingly well and inject what could have been a predictable tale about a downtrodden man and his demanding wife with something fresh.

There are some great lines of dialogue and the banter between the characters often feels lively and funny. The writing has an amiable and engaging tone that makes for an enjoyable read.

There were aspects that the BBC felt could be improved and I worked on those before publishing The Yoga Sutras as a novel.  So I know that it isn’t as bad as the one-star review suggests, because the BBC told me so.

What the book needs now is some more reviews on Amazon. A professional publisher would have organized this, but as you know I’m not a pro. Far from it. I just wanted to ask, if any of you here have read my book, would you mind writing a review on Amazon and/or It doesn’t have to be a glowing 5-star review. I’m not asking you to say anything that isn’t true. Just a review. Two stars, three stars. Whatever. Just a review.

Thank you!

17 responses to “Reviews needed

  1. Fan of Dickens

    Just ordered the book (been waiting for payday). Regarding that review, I think it says more about the reviewer than the book. It is hardly a considered piece of writing, so I think you should take it from whence it comes!

  2. I read the information about your book quickly and would like to read it next month, it sounds very interesting (I’m totally swamped this month!) But, I agree fully with “Fan of Dickens”, the review is too toxic to be taken seriously. A balanced person would have tried to explain the why of his/her opinion. It’s just unfortunate that that happened to be the first review! (Good things come to those who wait) 🙂

    • Thank you! I know that “swamped by books” feeling too. I’m not bothered by the review. I would just like to get a few more articulate reviews on Amazon too, as I know they can be important when helping people decide whether or not to buy. Thanks again.

  3. I just snagged a copy for my Kindle. I’m a slow reader, but when I finish, I promise to add my review. 🙂

  4. I read your post about being scared, and then read the post you wrote about finally publishing this book. I read both those posts while I was watching this movie entitled Last Day on Earth, which is, unfunilly enough, about the last day of earth (in this case, global warming was the killer, not wandering asteroids). And, one of the big themes of the movie was Buddhism and notions of reincarnation. I’ll take this as a sign and buy your book. Also, I can’t justifiably comment on how good I think the book will be as a story, but as far as writing goes, I can’t see how it could possibly be as bad as that review says. I can’t possibly see how it would be ‘bad’ at all, cause you ain’t nothin’ of a ‘bad writer’. Assholes gonna ass.

    • You’re very kind, and that means a lot as your writing is awesome! I reckon those things were definitely a sign. In fact, if you don’t write a 5 star review I fear the world will end.

  5. I haven’t read your book yet, Steve, but I do have a word about critics. Some of my favorite books, music, and movies have had terrible reviews from a few ignorant people. Now, everyone is entitled to their own opinions, and not everyone will like the same things, but I say “ignorant” because — just in the case of your critic — they leave no reasons for their opinion. Something must have set him off, not resonated with him as you intended, etc. (even the writing being too advanced for his reading level) and he made a knee-jerk reaction. A good critic will leave a full review, complete with pros and cons, reasons for his opinion and so on. I agree with the above comments; let the haters hate, and keep moving on! I look forward to your posts and to hearing your view on life, so write for those who appreciate it, write for yourself, and let the rest do what they do.

    • Thank you Laura, that is good advice and I agree completely. It would be nice to get some positive reviews though, so that potential readers can get a more balanced perspective.

  6. Will check this out and do a review for you Steve. X

  7. I’ll be reading it this month and posting a review on WordPress, Goodreads, Cannonball Read, Reddit and my Company website 🙂

  8. I have to be honest and say that I would never read your book, because the cover is disrespecting of women. Would you put a picture of a man with a penis and scrotum on the cover of your book? When you do that I will consider your book. Just because the status quo does it doesn’t mean you have to. Don’t be a sellout. Matt Walsh is a sellout and although he has good material I stopped reading him on principle, bur I’m only 1% of the population so people like me don’t count in the eye of the status quo. Your book will probably sell because it does have a woman who is baring her chest on the cover.

    • I think you missed the point. She is not a woman, she is a mythical being and this is how she is traditionally portrayed (the bra is my addition). A book with a penis on the cover would be banned, or would only be bought by perverts.

      Actually my book is largely about what it means to be a man or a woman. It’s a humorous exploration of gender and sexuality, among other themes.

      It did not put a naked woman on the cover to sell books. It isn’t porn.

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