Precisely inaccurate

idontthinksoThe instructions on my packet of Waitrose beef state confidently, Fry for 24 – 26 minutes. Really?

Not 23 minutes? Not 25 minutes? But 24 – 26 minutes. How precisely irritating.

Precision and accuracy are two different but oft confused words.

Precision is when you state a number to a highly determined degree. Like, “I weighed myself this morning and I weighed 140.329 pounds.”

Accuracy is when you state a number very close to its true value. “Actually you weigh closer to 160 pounds.”

Accurate and precise: “The population of Earth is 7.158 billion.”

Accurate but imprecise: “The population of Earth is about 7 billion.”

Precise but inaccurate: “The population of Earth is 2.586 billion.”

Imprecise and inaccurate: “The population of Earth is about 100.”

So now you know. Accurately and precisely.

Now where’s my beef? I reckon I’ll fry it for about 10 minutes.

9 responses to “Precisely inaccurate

  1. I would give this post 3.998/4 stars.

  2. Refreshingly precise and remarkably accurate as well! Good job.

  3. You crack me up, you really do!

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  5. Donno what to say after reaching this stuff…….wonderful

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