The myth of the superfood

What’s this month’s superfood? Soy? Berries? Qinoa? Red wine? Green tea? There’s always a new one.

Of course these foods are good for you. That’s why they’re called superfoods. But the myth is that you can eat a basically unhealthy diet, add in a few superfoods and live forever. That’s not how it works.

A healthy diet isn’t one where 10% is super and the other 90% is crap. A healthy diet focuses on the 90% and makes sure that it consists of vegetables, fruits, whole grains, legumes, healthy oils, lean meat and fish. Get that right and the other 10% isn’t so important.

But that’s not what health magazines or wholefood supermarkets want you to hear.

The myth of the superfood is a powerful one, because like many myths it’s based around the idea of a hidden secret. Hey – read this magazine article. It tells you about this new superfood that nobody else has even heard of. Yeah, it’s grown in a single farm in the Andes and imported by desert nomads along secret pathways known only to this one ancient tribe, and then mixed with berries from the dingdong plant from the Himalayas. You can buy it in a few specialist shops, but if you want the pure form you have to order it from this website at $90 with free shipping worldwide and a bonus organic kaftan for new customers.

Where was I? Oh yeah, the superfood. Eat and drink superfoods by all means. I’m particularly fond of green tea and red wine. But make sure the rest of what you eat is healthy too.

17 responses to “The myth of the superfood

  1. What?!? That’s no fun. I want to eat 90% crap and have a few berries and some green tea every now and then and live to be forever old. Damn you for bursting my happy little junk food bubble.

  2. That “hidden secret” thing does become a problem, a smoke-and-mirror distraction from the obvious core truth: health comes with a healthy lifestyle. One thinks of the ubiquitous ads claiming that you can take this pill to lose weight and never have to change your diet or exercise habits. Get healthy without adopting a healthy lifestyle?! What are these people thinking?

  3. Also, here’s a great 2-minute clip on healthy eating by Al Bundy:

  4. Also, here’s a hilarious 2-minute clip on healthy eating by Al Bundy:

  5. I like a chromatic diet, one with lots of rich saturated color. Nature seems to put lots of good stuff into strongly colored foods.

  6. Amen.

  7. It plays on the fountain of youth mystery and the quick (convenient) fix simultaneously. Grr.

  8. soy – this is one of the most harmful products for humans!

    • Yes, some people claim that soy is a miracle food, while others say that it is harmful and should be avoided. It definitely contains a lot of omega 6 fatty acids, which are inflammatory, and something called phytates, which some people claim are harmful. They also apparently can have a disruptive effect on hormones.

      I personally avoid soy, because in tests on myself, I found that beans and pulses in general tend to sap my energy.

  9. Green tea…Love it….90/10 principle very interesting

  10. Yes, that’s right. products with soy and corn are very harmful. especially for the “white” man, especially for men!!! but “we” remember that as there has been a fashion for soy, even cancer was treated with soy diet. and great wisdom was that soy products prevent the development of cancer… and proved to be a great illusion! but rather it turns out soy can create conditions favorable to the development of cancer, and even more ms! (a result not only from the knowledge of others, but in my experience, but rather this true isn’t too popular!) but if someone is a Vietnamese, Japanese, Chinese …, soy is not harmful for him.
    and yet so little attention. Wine is a great gift from the gods. only that people can spoil everything. very large use of pesticides!!!

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