My personal best

Reduce, reuse, recycle. This is the path to a sustainable future and also to a sustainable blog. I recently wrote my 200th blog post and decided it’s time to take a breather and re-use some of what I’ve already written.

So here are my top 10 favourite blog posts, in no particular order.

Technology and the future (must read)
Celebrating diversity while remembering what makes us one
The curse of chronic fatigue and how I deal with it
Why Cluedo is the most ridiculous game ever (and why I love it)
Why freedom and equality depend on wealth and technology
The myth of finite resources
How much fun can you have filling in a tax form? (quite a lot!)
Disagreement, hate,  and what to do about it
Why religion is not the answer
The legacy of Margaret Thatcher and how to heal the political divide

I’m also adding a blog archive feature to the navigation bar to help you find your way around.

15 responses to “My personal best

  1. I believe in the 3-R’s. It used to mean Readin’ Ritin’ and ‘Rithmetic.

  2. It’s going to take me a few days to get through all of these. I think all of them were written before I knew you or even WordPress existed.

    • Reading them all isn’t compulsory! I thought this was going to be an easy quick post to put together, but then I spent ages choosing just 10 out of 200 articles! Gosh, it would be a real shame if you didn’t read every single one of those 200 articles …

  3. stefankeys1997

    This is going to be nice for me, as I’ve only recently started to follow your blog.

  4. 200th??? Great Steve…Keep writing !!! I will keep reading and liking and commenting…ha ha ha….

    Would read your top 10 now….

    And 3R’s –Hip Hip Hurray..Hip Hip Hurray..Hip Hip Hurray..Hip Hip Hurray..

  5. I’m trying to read some delicious tension into the combo of your “reduce-reuse-recycle” tag and your “myth of finite resources” entry. There is a witty report waiting to be written there. Meanwhile, you accomplish your goal well of taking the “hate” out of vigorous debates (even when they deal with religion and politics).

  6. Thank you for the list. I’ll start with the ones above. It might take a little time because of my job and mundane tasks. Nevertheless, they’ll be a good read, for sure. If you have the time, please provide more links as to your other older posts you think I might like. I would appreciate it much.

    I had clicked open a Star Wars movie post of yours before. I’ll find my way to it again soon. Thanks once more

  7. Marj, I’m really sorry. I was just trying to be nice too 🙂 I didn’t even realise that I had said something that had upset you until you made this last comment.

    Obviously something I said has come across in the wrong way, and I’m sorry for that. It was unintended. Everything I said was an attempt to be nice 🙂 Perhaps we could rewind and start this conversation over?

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