My creepy time travel experience

I just got this creepy message from in my Facebook feed:

“Goodreads added something in the past to your timeline.”

How sinister is that? How can something have been added just now but in the past?

I enjoy Goodreads (apart from its unfathomable navigation) but have the guys there been reading too much bad time-travel fiction? Don’t they understand the dangers of recklessly meddling with the past?

I feel like I’ve been violated in some unfathomable way. My history has been rewritten. I am no longer the person I was, because Goodreads went back into my past and made a change. Admittedly, the change was simply to add a book to the list of books I’ve read. But, hey, a book can transform your life!

It got me thinking about the importance of our virtual lives online. What if someone could change your real life by making a change to your online profile in the past? Could an evil hacker (or a mega corporation) rewrite your online past and thereby change your present self? Google is now allowing people to remove mentions of themselves from the past. But what if people could insert stories, or change their online profile retrospectiviely? Would that have an impact on their real lives in the present?

In short, is the internet a loophole in the laws of the universe that allows time travel?

It’s all rather weird. I think I might turn off those Goodreads notifications just in case.

26 responses to “My creepy time travel experience

  1. What a great photo you picked out for this post!!! Yes, I agree with you…time travel through internet loopholes needs scrutiny. Did I spell that right? If not, please rewrite my past. thank you.

    • I wonder if you can really get clocks like that. If so, I want one!

      • I covered the 12 hour clock face in my science classroom with a 10 hour one. I offered extra credit to anyone who converted their age into metric.

        I got no takers. There were a lot of double takes and stares at the clock. Parents night was interesting, too.

  2. Sounds like a plot for the next Jackson Radcliffe!

  3. Ha, this cracked me up! Creepy indeed…thanks for the funny, yet thought-provoking, post!

  4. Where is Rod Serling when you need him? Can we set up a profile and plug him back into the matrix?

    • Ah, The Twilight Zone! Now you have got me thinking. Could we re-create people on the internet? Ray Kurzweil believes he might one day recreate his own father as an AI. Perhaps real (or imaginary) people could come to life on the internet, with Facebook, Twitter, etc profiles. An AI chatbot could “run” them automatically. Maybe this already happens???

  5. Haha. Between this and your last post, you’re on a creepy streak.

  6. Paolo Tescione

    excellent article see my blog

  7. Obviously a government conspiracy of some kind.

  8. Reaally creeeppyyyyy…..super creepyyy….Is this how you get your creepiness out of your system?? wow wow wow

  9. Oh no, your history has been hijacked. LOL. Truly weird.

  10. ha ha ha….loved this one Steve…i had read it three times by now….

  11. Tienzen (Jeh-Tween) Gong

    “But what if people could insert stories, or change their online profile retrospectiviely? Would that have an impact on their real lives in the present?”

    Yes, the past is not truly gone. The future is not truly far off. Past, now and future is a trinity. And, this is not a philosophical talking but is the solid physics.

  12. Woah ho ho! Make changes to my online profile in the past? 😀 What have you been smoking, Steve. By the way, I liked the fiction. 😉
    And I didn’t know Google allows information removal now.

    • The Google information removal is a ruling by the European Union – it doesn’t apply in saner parts of the world.

      “By the way, I liked the fiction.” – do you mean my book? Have you read it?

  13. I meant that I like your thought process, how you thought ahead of your time – fiction. 🙂

  14. Good idea. 😊

  15. Doesn’t WP allow us to pre-date posts? We could all make ourselves look quite prescient – after the fact!

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