You are awesome

Congratulations on making it here. You’re a survivor. Not only did you survive childbirth, childhood and however many years you’ve lived since (an achievement that sadly most humans in history didn’t manage), but so did your parents, your grand-parents, and all your ancestors back to some single-celled organism swimming through ancient seas.

The odds of this happening are trillions to one against. It can’t have been mere coincidence or good fortune. It means that every member of your family was superbly adapted to their time and place.

Most of your ancestors looked rather different to you. Some were hairy, really hairy. Not just like great-uncle Frank, but actually furry. Some had scales. Some had very sharp teeth. Some hatched out of eggs or swam in the ocean. Most of them were microscopically small.

But all of your ancestors were good-looking and attractive to the opposite sex. Every single one of them mated and raised a child.

More than that, they were heroes, avoiding meteorite strikes, earthquakes, floods and catastrophic climate changes. So never take your life for granted. You are like them. You have inherited their good looks, their adaptability, and their potential to survive and prosper. You’re awesome, dude, you’re like superman!

15 responses to “You are awesome

  1. That’s a nice burst of positivity! It’s better to exist than not, as they say.

  2. Awww, you say the nicest things!

  3. Yes, thank you, I accept….though I hope you have no objection to my thinking “Superwoman” instead of “Superman.” Superperson would be most PC but that sounds, well, too…PC…BTW I have noticed that I do have a particular talent for avoiding meteor strikes, an inherited trait, I guess.

  4. Seriously….Awesome…….i love him too…

  5. Ladies, stop that now!

  6. I might have millions of ancestors, but if I’m anything to go by, then luck has been the most significant reason why they survived long enough to produce progeny. Certainly good looks don’t come into it. My wife keeps reminding me of that.

    • Can’t be luck, Barry, the odds are against it. Imagine flipping a billion coins and getting heads every time. I conclude that you are awesome and your wife is teasing you.

      • My wife never teases. But seriously, flipping a billion consecutive heads is absolutely possible. Not very likely, but possible. Just don’t expect me to prove it.

        I’m quite comfortable to believe that chance had a significant role in my being here, and if I’m wrong, the awesomeness of my ancestors doesn’t necessarily mean that I too will be awesome.

        While you’re welcome to conclude that I’m awesome, don’t expect me to agree with you.

  7. Reblogged this on The End and commented:
    Sharing this post from blogger Steve Morris, and English chap. We don’t always see eye-to-eye politically, but I enjoy his blend of philosophy and science. Consider the implications of this post: every single person on this planet right now is the most successful offspring of the most successful lineages of the human species. Wow. If that includes the Republicans in America, imagine the ones who didn’t make the cut! I suppose you might also find it quite uplifting, as I did.

  8. Suddenly I feel like sitting a little straighter, walking a little taller, and adding a spring in my step 😉

  9. Thanks to Steve for reblogging this thought-provoking post. Actually this is the sort of thing I think about all the time when in full rumination mode! We are all so lucky to be taking our turn on the planet.

  10. Such an outstanding post, Really ready-witted, Thank you, best wishes, Aquileana 😀

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