Handbrake turn

I’ve been relaxing on my summer holiday, and had almost forgotten that my blog existed.

Now that I’m back, I’ve decided to execute something of a handbrake turn in my career, and take a sabbatical from my usual daily activities. That includes downsizing my blogging activity, while I devote time to my new venture. So if I seem to be absent from the blogging world for a time, please don’t take it personally. I’m just lowering my sights to something I can manage.


14 responses to “Handbrake turn

  1. I’m looking forward to learning what your new venture is!

  2. well, yes, I missed your blogging but each time I checked recently I would be greeted by a You Are Awesome headline, and, hey, I was okay with that.
    Enjoy changing gears.

  3. New venture? Color me interested!

  4. Good luck on your new venture! 😀

  5. Thanks. I’m planning to write a series of books for reluctant young readers who would rather play computer games than read.

    • I’ve noticed that some young people who would rather play computer games than read have given up game playing while reading “Ready Player One” ….so I’m sure your goal is not only noble, but achievable. I look forward to the next Jackson Radcliffe release.

  6. Best of progress with your new venture.

  7. Best of luck on the new books!

  8. What a wonderful new venture – no child should miss out on the magic of books.

  9. I think this is a genius idea. I, too, have taken a leave of absence, both due to summer vacations and to family medical needs. After spending a week in the hospital with a sick family member, I realize both how much I value my blog and how much it does not define who I am. A blog should be there to serve the needs and purposes of the writer, not as another item on the to-do list that must be checked off periodically. Certainly, it should never turn into a stone around the neck, adding a load of guilt for every day it is neglected. Your writing will be missed, but valued all the further, thanks to its relative rarity. 🙂 Kudos to you and best of luck on your other ventures!

  10. I know where you’re coming from. I’m stepping back some also on my blog and social media in general. Otherwise, I’ll never get any writing done other than my blog. And I don’t have any reading for pleasure time, and that really sucks. Something has to give.

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