Birthday status – 47 and counting

birthdaycakeIt’s my birthday today and I’m having trouble believing that I’m 47. That’s like, old. Nearly.

So I decided to check out some famous actors who were also born in 1968, and see how they’re bearing up.

First, here’s Daniel Craig, star of the James Bond films Casino Royale, Skyfall and that other one that was a bit dull. Still looking good, Daniel, and Bond was never intended to be a young man. I hope you can manage to pull off a few more films.


Next is Brendan Fraser, star of The Mummy and The Mummy Returns. I’m afraid it looks like the Mummy’s curse may be starting to take effect on poor Brendan.


This is Guy Ritchie, director of crime and action films, such as Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels and Sherlock Holmes. It looks like being married to Madonna has taken its toll, and that’s surely no surprise to anyone.


Billy Boyd, best known for playing Pippin in the Lord of the Rings trilogy is looking very distinguished, but very much his age.


James Dreyfus has appeared in various TV and cinema productions, including Notting Hill, Casualty and Midsomer Murders. Not faring so well, James. Need to lose a few pounds I think.

James Dreyfus

Brian Cox, below,  isn’t really an actor, but he does pop up on TV a  lot. He’s really a Professor of particle physics and an ex-member of pop group D:Ream. Brian’s weathering remarkably well, don’t you think? Is it possible that he has secretly invented a time machine?


Finally, here’s Will Smith. He’s the multi-talented actor, producer, singer, and general over-achiever. And despite a hint of grey and a few lines, he’s looking just as good as ever. I’m sure that 47-year-old men everywhere will agree when I say, damn him!

Will Smith

And this is me. Not famous at all, but happily married with a wonderful family. Ex-scientist, moderately successful tech entrepreneur,  reader of many books, author of little repute, part-time blogger, passable chef, failed gardener, amateur yogi. How well have I survived life’s hardships? I leave you to judge.


51 responses to “Birthday status – 47 and counting

  1. Happy birthday! Don’t count the years, count the joyful moments, I’d say…

  2. Happy birthday mate. 47? A mere whipper snapper!

  3. Happy happy birthday to you! 🙂

  4. Happy birthday Steve! As long as you still look 35 in the mirror there’s nothing at all to worry about. 😉

  5. Happy birthday Steve. Hope you have a joyous day, and many exciting years ahead 🙂

  6. Happy Birthday. You don’t look old. None of those other chaps do either. Of course, that perspective is from a man 20 yrs your senior.

    Enjoy your next trip around the sun.

  7. I think you look great! And Happy Birthday to you! 😀 (And 47 is totally not old.) 🙂

  8. Happy birthday. 1968 was a great year. Everything in my house was either made then, inspired by that year or in awe of that year. You look great! And, I like the link to actors born in the same year. Clever.


  9. First, Happy birthday. Second, to make you feel not, like, old, you were born the year I graduated from college.

  10. Happy birthday and many more, Steve. You look healthy and happy, and I bet your photo is much more recent than any of those actors’ photos are, too.

  11. Happy Happy Birthday.
    When you get to 50 you’ll have arrived. The 50’s are the best.
    I’m happy to count you among the people in my sphere. The piece of the world that you are tending feels good to me.

  12. Happy Birthday and looking fab!

  13. The Chaos Realm

    Happy BDay!

  14. This is just to say thanks to everyone who left a comment. I’m overwhelmed by the number of well-wishers! Thank you for all your messages!

  15. I’d never believe you are 47. You don’t look a day over 46!

  16. Happy birthday, looking good 😉🎂🎁 x

  17. Belated happy birthday. 🙂 I think you look as good as Will smith.

  18. Happy Birthday!

    And I know I have no right to say this at my age, but I’d have to agree with Paula. “What other people think matters less and less. You become even better at what you’re good at.” I was fortunate to have older parents (my mom had me at 45) and my much older siblings tell me how lucky I am for this. Maturity has its benefits.


  20. Steve. I must also YOU apologize as I have done with agrudzinsky… VERY sorry for MY stupidity and carelessness. (because i missed YOUR post and it was not activated – “centre of the Universe” – 28 Feb 2014). Only minimally excuse may be that using a smartphone man must show greater wisdom than such as I have. So I just missed this post. So it is with stupid Pole. Only now it came to me when I used another program. I hope YOU can forgive me?

      • Steve. only a small problem, however… because agrudzinsky put a very interesting entry in opposition to your entry (where is the truth in this wonderful theory of multiple universes?). and so this was going to be an interesting discussion of two titans of the mind. and i was all spoiled by my stupidity! really, cruel pain i caused you, and it’s still such a great period which now appeared in front of YOU (47+)!

        • Steve. As for your entry (aG). Beautiful and wise answer. Now, when Michael was a little lost, but yet YOUR texts can give hope that my simplistic mind can break out of its limitations!

  21. Happy birthday Steve! Hope you had a real blast. Xx

  22. Happy belated birthday and special thanks for the Brian Cox picture 😀

  23. Happy Birthday! I wished I looked that good at 47.

  24. If anyone has invented a time machine, I wouldn’t be surprised if it was Brian Cox. Happy Birthday for the other day, and… welcome to 47! It totally did my head in and I pretended not to have my last birthday. You’ve handled it much better.

  25. It looks like you discovered the Fountain of Youth. I guess it wasn’t in Florida after all.

  26. I’m catching you up but age is also about attitude, especially more so these days. I’ve taught many students who now look a whole lot older than I do. Belated many happy returns Steve.

  27. Oooh, Guy Ritchie…. Madonna was a fool to let him go. 🙂

    That’s you at the bottom? I thought it was another handsome famous actor you featured. No kidding.
    I’ve been seeing you around smart blogs and pondered, “His blog must be way too cerebral for someone like me.” Yet here I am.
    Belated Happy Birthday!

    • The handsome one you say? That must be me 🙂 Seriously, I don’t get called such nice things very often.
      Welcome to the blog, Lady from Manila! I’m sure things are not so cerebral round here. I always try to have a laugh.

  28. You’re in good company and aging quite well! I love the humor you’ve shown in regards to a number in which we all grant a ridiculous amount of significance… our age. None of us want to get old, but just as few of us want the alternative. So OWN it! They’re just digits, as long as they’re still adding up they can’t kill you, and I think you’ve handled this new one very nicely. Happy birthday, a few days late.

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