A Pessimist’s View on Inspiration – a poem

penYesterday I wrote some advice for an 11 year old friend of my son, who had been unsuccessful applying for entry to a highly competitive school. His mother, Sharon, sent me the following poem, which Robin wrote on hearing that the school had turned him down. I present the poem to you here with his mother’s permission. Robin, I remind you, is 11 years old.

A Pessimist’s View on Inspiration

A dumb interpretation,
A fantasy delusion,
A trick of the brain to ease the pain,
Of failure, so hard and cold,
A dip in cloud nine,
Where everything is fine,
An immature illusion,
An aspiration of determination,
Which deep down known, can’t reach?
Wishing to be what one may be not,
Breaking boundaries, only in thought,
Begging, hoping, denying the truth,
Again, oh failure, so hard and cold,
Pondering, wishing, one may be one’s not,
Disappointment, the venom, oh so strong,
Quivering, shivering, just at the thought,
Think of returning, no bounty or gold,
Think about the secret stories told,
Behind the back, the most painful way,
Too slowly, lonely, end the day.

by Robin Collins

15 responses to “A Pessimist’s View on Inspiration – a poem

  1. Impressive!

  2. Well, if Robin can write like this at his age, then he need have no worries over his future, none at all.

  3. why didn’t he get in again?

  4. When a door closes, others open. One day he may find one of them.

  5. Kudos to him!!! That’s a great poem. Seriously, someone should send that poem to an English teacher at the school that rejected him. If the teacher doesn’t like it then he definitely belongs somewhere other than the “competitive” school.

  6. Wow. I’m not a poetry afficionado, but that strikes me as quite good, and shows amazing depth for one so young.

  7. That’s a really good, heartfelt poem, and I might be the only one, but I am glad he isn’t at a school that can’t perceive talent such as this. He must attend a school that understands how to grow his particular style of genius.

  8. Fan of Dickens

    I agree with Jamborobyn. It really seems that this school, whatever it is, is not worthy of this highly gifted child. (And I did wonder what sort of school thinks it is appropriate to put such young children through an interview).

  9. Let us not forget that Paul McCartney was rejected from joining his high school chorus.

  10. Nice :). He may not have entered that school, but he is still very young, so there are still greater opportunities that await him.

  11. “Wishing to be what one may be not,
    Breaking boundaries, only in thought,
    Begging, hoping, denying the truth,”

    Nice. I l always like it when a poem gets a point across without degenerating into purple passages. If Robin knows that you have posted his poem here, then let him know that I liked it a lot.

  12. Very nice. I like how straight forward and honest it is. No guess about his message, Impressive for a young man. – Nope strike that. It is just impressive I don’t think age has much to do with it.

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