No one expected Russia to come up with this Weapon

I was going to blog about something else this week, but then I received this spam email public service message, and I felt I ought to share this urgent warning with you. You know, before it’s too late. This email was presumably sent by the US Government, or perhaps the United Nations, although strangely it seems to have come from some spammy domain name. Probably to confuse the enemy.

A deadly gamma ray weapon threatens millions of Americans, the Pentagon says.

Oh no! It’s what I feared most! The deadly gamma ray weapon!

Russia, China, and even countries like North Korea and Iran are suspected to have it. And one of them is likely to use it in the next 13 months or less.

13 months or less? Surely they mean “fewer.” But it’s an emergency, so I’m willing to forgive grammatical errors.

It’s a “code red” situation that can send us back to the Middle Ages with the push of a button. Grocery stores, hospitals, transportation, the entire internet… gone in a split second.

Talk about precision targeting. This deadly gamma ray weapon can reach right across the Pacific Ocean and take out your local grocery store. Scary or what?

And with it, millions of Americans left in hopeless, utter darkness.

What’s that? Americans, you say? Not us Brits then. But the North Koreans (or was it the Russians? Or Chinese?) might attack us later. Better to be safe than sorry, I suppose. Tell me, what can I do about the deadly gamma ray weapon?

What can you do to protect your family from this 21st Century “Destroyer” ? Click here to read more

Ooh, just what I need. A handy guide to help me save my family from the deadly gamma ray weapon. I’m just going to read it quickly then get back to you …

14 responses to “No one expected Russia to come up with this Weapon

  1. No doubt the deadly gamma ray weapon can be protected against by sending donations to the correct address. Just to be sure they get enough, you should forward the message to us and all your contacts, so we can do the same.

  2. “Fewer”? Or “sooner”? No, come to think of it, I think “less” is correct after all. But wait! What am I doing getting all pedantic over this? The end of the world is nigh! Or even fewer than that!

  3. Gamma rays? Send them on! I’ve always wanted to be the Hulk! Yeah! Hulk Smash!

    Or is that too American of me? ^_^

  4. Report back as soon as possible! I need to go to the grocery store in 13 months or less O.O

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