Black & white photo challenge #1

I had fun with this on Facebook a while ago, and now my blogger friend Doobster has reminded me of it. Here’s the challenge – I will post 5 black and white photos and you have to guess where they are. Leave your guesses in the comments below!


21 responses to “Black & white photo challenge #1

  1. I’m sure Google image search counts as cheating. (Unless it misidentifies this one, which would be cool.)

  2. Stratford upon Avon is my first guess. If that’s not right, my second guess is Earth.

  3. Definitely earth. I’m willing to go so far as to declare it Europe.

  4. Looks like some sort of German castle along the Rhine River. Or not.

  5. Ooh, Ohh, Ohhh… I know! I really enjoyed this first time round, but will watch from the side-lines on this occasion… Don’t want to spoil the fun!

  6. Sharon, you guessed this right when I put it on Facebook, but let’s see if anyone else can work it out.

  7. Are they vineyards on the left? I’ve no idea, save to suggest some Central European district – maybe Poland? Any prizes for this Steve?

  8. Love, sweet love? I’m not so young 😦

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